When and What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

When and What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Most expectant mothers pack their labour bag somewhere around 36 weeks, although if you are at risk of going into labour early you may want to have your bag ready at 32 weeks.

You may prefer to pack 2 bags; one for during labour and one for afterwards. You can leave the second bag in the car to prevent you from dragging all your bags around the hospital. Most hospitals have open evenings where expectant parents can take a tour of the labour ward, so take advantage of the opportunity to find out what equipment they have to hand and if there any restrictions on what you can take in with you..

What you’ll need for labour:

Must haves:

-Your birth plan and maternity notes

-An old nightdress or t- philadelphia phillies t shirt to wear in labour

-A nightgown – something quite thin would be better as hospitals, especially baby wards, are kept reasonably warm

-Slippers or flat los angeles dodgers sweatshirt – for walking around

-A hairband for tying your hair back

-Reading material – you don’t want anything too heavy, just something light such as magazines.

-Snacks and drinks for you and your partner, including some hard boiled sweets

-Change for parking or for the vending machines


-Socks – as warm as it is in labour wards your feet can get cold

-Lipbalm as your lips can get very dry

-Pillow – an extra pillow (with a distinctive pillow case) might provide some much-needed comfort

-TENS machine

-Massage oil or lotion if you would like your birth partner to massage you during labour

-Water spray

-Swimwear for your birth partner if you are thinking of spending any time in the birthing pool

-Music – Take your MP3 player or CD player (take batteries as a lot of hospitals will not allow you to use their plugs) 

What you’ll need after the birth:

-Toiletries including your toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, body wash, hair brush, and make up (if you’re feeling up to it)

-A bath towel – take a soft one in a dark colour

-PJs or nightdress in case you stay overnight – if you intend to breastfeed make sure you take a front opening nightdress

-A change of clothes, something comfortable and stretchy as you will still have your bump

-A change of clothes for your birth partner as they may get wet when helping you in and out of the shower

-Camera for the all-important first baby pictures

-Nursing bra and breast pads

-Maternity pads

-Underwear – take old knickers or disposable ones

-A list of people to call after the birth

What you’ll need for your baby:

-Car Seat – most hospitals will not allow you to go home without one

-A couple of sleepsuits and vest for your baby to wear while you are in hospital

-A going home outfit for your baby


-Cotton wool balls

-Baby blanket

-Socks or booties

-Baby hat and outdoor wear depending on the weather

-A couple of muslin cloths

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