Ways to Have an Unforgettable Hen Party in Ireland

Ways to Have an Unforgettable Hen Party in Ireland

Why do women in Ireland look forward to their hen party? There are many reasons. The first one could be that such a celebration is always fun as it is oftentimes a surprise for the bride-to-be. The second reason could be that it is an opportunity to get away from all the stress associated with planning for one’s wedding. One other reason could be that a party like that gives a woman quality time spent with her closest girlfriends.

Whatever the reason, hens totally look forward to celebrating their last night of freedom. That is why the person responsible for planning for the whole event should make sure that it will be an unforgettable event for the celebrant. For those that do not know what to do, here are some hen party ideas.

Where to Have It

Throughout Ireland, there are a lot of towns and cities that have become popular hen party destinations. Still, a hen night or weekend in Ireland will be fun for the celebrant so long as the party is held at a location that she will love. Why? The location of the party will determine the hen party activities that the group can enjoy.

Since different hens tend to want different things, it can be quite difficult to choose a particular location. As mentioned earlier, the location will determine the type of activity that the group will enjoy. There are certain towns or cities that are perfect for certain activities. So, choose the location wisely.

One suggestion, for any hen party in Ireland, one cannot go wrong with Carrick on Shannon. This small town in County Leitrim is now known as the Hen Party Capital of Ireland due to the sheer number of parties held in this town each weekend.

Theme or No Theme

Themed parties are a lot of fun especially if all the guests are willing to dress up for the occasion. To add fun and color to any party, choose a particular theme for it. Planning also becomes a lot easier with a theme as everything else can be based on that theme.

The most popular themes for such a party will include the Disco, Angel, Playboy Bunny, L-plate, Sex and the City, and Sash themes. Though one can always come up with any unique theme and go with that, one cannot go wrong with any of those themes.

After a theme is chosen, it becomes a lot easier to choose the design for the invitation, hen party T-shirt, and decorations. Of course, for certain themes, some hen party accessories should be used. The Sash theme, for instance, will not be complete without the sashes which are technically accessories.

Start planning for that hen party, but make sure to consult with the bride-to-be if everything is acceptable. Some organizers tend to lose sight of the fact that the whole occasion is actually for the celebrant. Keep in mind that some hens do not find it particularly fun to have an exotic dancer gyrating in front of them. Choose the right activities and have fun!

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