Universal Appeal and Still Soaring Satellite TV Ratings for Simpsons

Universal Appeal and Still Soaring Satellite TV Ratings for Simpsons

Every once in a while a show is so compelling that it captures not only the attention of a nation, but the entire world. Some characters are so captivating and some writing so clever that is breaks cultural barriers and transcends the global imagination. There are some cultural ties that truly bind us all, and media translated into so many languages it makes one dizzy to consider it. After all, “eat my shorts” sounds equally appealing in Spanish or German as it does in Bart’s native English tongue! Some people love it, while others simply strain to understand it, but ‘The Simpsons’ is a global phenomenon that can be found playing every evening in homes all around the world. Many countries show back episodes which pull in excellent ratings nonetheless, and viewers come from every age group. As far as satellite TV adult cartoons, and programs in general go, ‘The Simpsons’ is a true star.

Recently, however, somebody took the prankster style of Bart Simpson a little too far. A Massachusetts restaurant owner recently purchased a 75-pound ceramic Bart Simpson statue to put outside his Holbrook restaurant. Much to his chagrin, somebody has come along and stolen the passive statue, which was propped up on a nearby park bench. Despite the statue being chained into place, someone has managed to pull off a Bart-worthy prank and remove it from the premises. While local law enforcement authorities have no substantial leads, they are hopeful that the guilty party will simply return the statue, eventually.

An investment of only a few hundred dollars, the image of this satellite TV icon had been good for business, says restaurant management. Always a popular source of conversation and a great ice breaker, it brought diners in from off the streets if not to eat, then simply to inquire about the giant Bart. With his face printed on many a sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ cầu thang)-shirt, coffee navy veteran t shirt and of course, skateboard, Bart Simpson seems to be a brand in and of himself, an impressive feat for any young boy, especially one with bright yellow skin who hasn’t changed his outfit since the 1980s!

While some viewers may not be as excited about the latest ‘Simpsons’ seasons, even though they look better in high definition than the original grainy and wavy episodes of the long-running cartoon, they are not likely to give up watching the classics any time soon. There are, of course, those who have already seen every episode and don’t mind the slightly more slapstick comedic approach the show has taken because, hey, some ‘Simpsons’ is better than no ‘Simpsons,’ but others seem to have abandoned hope for good. Changes in the program and especially the writing lineup seem to have come to no good as of late, and the disappointing ‘Simpsons Movie’ left many fans wondering ‘why?’ Regardless of whether you loved the movie or hated it, it continues to be a popular choice on satellite TV movie channels. Its universal appeal, and the universal appeal of the show in general are likely to keep viewers on the edges of their seats for generations!

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