Unique Jewelry Gifts For Men

Unique Jewelry Gifts For Men

When it comes to gift-giving, most women have a hard time finding just the right items for the men in her life. Most men simply buy everything they need when they need it!

Jewelry is a time-honored gift for women, but can also be the perfect gift for men as well. A uniquely inspired piece can be a source of pride for him, and even become a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation.

Neck chains were popular in the 70s, and are now making a comeback. A masculine looking neck chain in a fine gauge looks very attractive when worn with a dress or Hawaiian shirt, and is sure to be appreciated by a stylish man. There are several unique choices available. For example, if your man has fallen prey to the latest biking craze, you could give him a chain made of tiny skulls that will be the perfect fit to his “tough” image.

Another way to show your man that you care is by purchasing a ring that can become his signature ring. Be sure to find out his size by examining other rings he wears, or sizing his finger (you can do it while he is sleeping if you don’t want to ruin the surprise). Be sure to get a ring that fits his overall image and persona. If he is a subtle, quiet type – a large stone would not be appropriate. If he is very outgoing and active, then a larger or eye-catching design would fit well. Black or dark stones are worn most often by men, but red or garnet colors are gaining in popularity as well.

There are two rings that are appropriate for most men: two-toned gold and silver rings that are uniquely textured and very masculine. Two-toned jewelry means other jewelry of any metal color is always a perfect match, and provides an interesting contrast. These rings men’s rings are highly unique, and sure to be appreciated as special gifts!

If you happen to be in the jewelry business, make sure you ask your jewelry wholesaler for enticing pieces to offer to your male costumers.

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write by Rodela Arturo

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