Understanding the Art and Science of Life Processes

Understanding the Art and Science of Life Processes

All words in the human consciousness have relevant intrinsic definitions. Every construct born of the human mind is subject to these definitions, and a given order within these constructs constitutes processes of life. Being par with life processes includes the familiarization with word definitions, along with a natural mental work-through of associated constructs. When we process on a mental level first, and then translate understandings through the physical to the doing level, we add substance that matures our wisdom as we stretch and strengthen our resiliency.

Consider the art and science of giving and receiving, which reflects constructs that begin on an intangible level and either remain intangible or take on tangible form. Words like relevance, kindness, and generosity are examples of intangible constructs with intrinsic definitions. When these constructs are applied to the physical act of giving, associated definitions exist in resultant processes whether we know them or not. Life as a continuum either expands or contracts our understanding of the life processes.

While walking through a shopping center located in a large European metropolitan city, my daughter and granddaughter proclaimed with big smiles on their face that I was to receive a gift that represents warm, happy memories of our visit together.

We entered a busy store filled with excited children and adults walking about as they delighted in the merchandise offered. The concept for the items sold in this store originated in the United States. Since its inception, the brand has expanded internationally to include multiple charitable foundations that support social outreach programs, while offering merchandise reflective of the founder’s vision of a concept known as “Build-a-Bear Workshops”. Catering mainly to children, the brand also touches the hearts and minds of every adult who has ever received or given a huggable stuffed animal reminiscent of one’s childhood.

Before my visit, I went to their website to familiarize myself with “Build-a-Bear” merchandise, as I wanted to give my granddaughter a Christmas gift she would actually play with and appreciate. To my surprise the choice of stuffed animals and accessories is extensive; far-reaching in imagination. The process associated with creating one of these cuddly creatures didn’t however become clear until I actually visited the store that day.

The stores are divided into stations reflective of an entire process from inception to completion. First you choose a creature body; perhaps a bear, a giraffe, or a pony. Each body shell at first glance looks alike but in the end each stuffed animal seems to differ based on how it is stuffed, i.e. the firmness and amount of filling used, and the specific choices one makes as they go through the individualized stages of this process.

After careful deliberation, I chose the shell of a bear that met my preferences as to form, color, and texture of its fur. Then a cheerful employee — it was clear to see all the store employees seemed to love what they do — takes you to the filling station.

I was asked if my bear is to be a boy or girl. Before they begin stuffing the bear you are given a little red heart to hold in your hands for a few moments. You fill it with a heartfelt feeling and wishful thought and then the heart is inserted in the bear. When you hug it, the little heart beats like a real heart.

Once the bear is filled, you hold it, squeeze it, and then decide if more stuffing needs to be added or removed according to how it feels when cuddling the creature. Before your eyes each stuffed animal actually seems to take on a feminine or masculine appearance.

Next the bear is taken to the grooming station where the fur is brushed, trimmed if necessary, fluffed and inspected just like a newborn shortly after birth. You decide if your stuffed animal is to wear sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cầu thang) and have accessories, or if it is to be left au natural then it is given a tie or bow which is tied around the neck.

Finally, you go to the record keeping station and enter vital statistics into an international database on a computer. You give your new furry friend a name and register the date of creation, when and where it came to life and from whom and to whom it is given; then a certificate is printed.

My little brown bear, JoJo, is a Bavarian boy clad with short leather pants, white shirt, and a hunters green cap with red feather, cheerful eyes, and a broad smile. Upon completion he was put into a specially designed cardboard house and off we went with my treasure.

In this example of giving and receiving, comforting, loving, happy constructs create warm memories associated with a product created through a structured process. Attitudes of the recipient such as gratitude rather than entitlement and care rather than indifference are revealed too. Examples of constructs such as an ability to assess value, appreciate relevance, and understand energetic and financial costs involved are also considerations associated with the art and science of a process.

As the giver or the receiver ask yourself the following, can you appreciate what it takes on a doing level to design and develop a concept; acquire funding to manufacture and market a service or product, and have the wear with all to sell or purchase something of a tangible nature. All these considerations are processes associated with living life more available and consciously aware.

Only when we truly accept the responsibility of knowing intrinsic definitions, while developing applied knowledge associated with life processes, are we able to receive abundantly and succinctly value life as we give to our self and others appropriately.

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