Tired of Being a Wimp? Discover How You Can Finally Get The Body Women Check Out at The Beach

Tired of Being a Wimp? Discover How You Can Finally Get The Body Women Check Out at The Beach

Being the scrawny guy isn’t easy. I know because that’s how I was most of my life. I always felt insecure around other people. I never wanted to take my los angeles dodgers cincinnati bengals t shirt off because I was too skinny. I didn’t want to look like a guy on steroids but I wanted a nice chiseled look that would get me a lot of attention. After a lot of research and trying and different things I found out what worked. I’d like to share just a small percentage of what worked for me.

I found out that I needed a good workout plan but I wasn’t sure what to do. I heard a lot of conflicting things in the gym and didn’t know how to go about it. I eventually decided to combine different theories into one workout. I didn’t always go heavy with low reps and I didn’t always go lighter with high reps. I mixed them up so I could get the best of both worlds which was getting strong and big.

I soon found out that my body was changing but lifting weights but it wasn’t progressing at the level I wanted. It was because I wasn’t eating enough of the right food. You can workout all you want but if you don’t eat right you’ll never see the growth you’re capable of. Once I started eating healthy I felt like I got double the results in half the amount of time. I didn’t have time to sit down and eat out nicely planned meals all of the time. But I made sure that got enough calories in me to gain weight and size.

To sum things up you need the best of both worlds. A diet plan that includes 6 small healthy meals with around 500 calories each and a workout program where you switch up each exercise with low reps and heavy weight and high reps and light weight.

write by Latifah

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