Tips On Ways To Clean Swarovski Beads

Tips On Ways To Clean Swarovski Beads

Denture Cleanser Tablets

Denture cleaning tablets are perfect for cleaning most jewelry. These tablets do not contain harsh chemicals that damage the jewelry, and they are inexpensive to buy. You should place the swarovski beads that you wish to clean in a bowl, or a cup, or even a denture bath container. The denture bath containers are available where the denture cleaner is sold, and they are not expensive. Cover the crystals with warm water and then add one tablet to the water. The tablet will cause bubbles to form in the water. You will have to leave the crystals soaking for anywhere from thirty minutes to a few hours. Each of the cleansers will tell you on the box if they are supposed to work in a few minutes or if the dentures are supposed to soak overnight in the solution. When you take the crystals out of the solution rinse them with cool water, allow them to air dry, and then using a soft polishing cloth, polish them until they shine brightly.

Peroxide and Baking Soda

Peroxide and baking soda when used together create a powerful cleaning agent. You want to put about 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a small dish. Then add just enough peroxide to the dish to make a paste when it is stirred into the peroxide. Using your fingers, gently run this paste over the surface of the swarovski beads you wish to clean. Let the past stay on the beads for about 15 minutes. You may see the paste actually start to turn slightly brown as it removes the soil from the crystals. Rinse the crystals well with cool running water and then either allow them to air dry or you can use a polishing cloth to gently run them dry. If you allow the crystals to air dry you will need to use a polishing cloth to bring back their shine.


Toothpaste is used to clean many items of jewelry. You can use a soft bristled toothbrush and a little toothpaste to clean some of the most stubborn stains from beads, your viking sweatshirt , your rings, and even your pendants. Do not ever use toothpaste to clean Swarovski beads. These beads are very delicate and easy to scratch. Your toothpaste is actually a little abrasive and will scratch the surface of the crystals if you use it on them. Never use anything to rub against these crystals except a soft polishing cloth. You do not even want to use a cotton cloth because cotton can cause scratches in the crystals finish.

Mild Soap and Water

The recommended cleaner for swarovski beads is a mild soap and water. The soaps you use to wash your dishes will likely be more than adequate to clean your crystals with. You may want to allow the crystals to soak in the soapy water for a short period of time before using your fingers, or a polishing cloth, to rub away any soil that is on them. Rinse them thoroughly after cleaning and allow them to air dry. Polish them with a soft cloth when they are dry so they will sparkle and shine.

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