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You must have heard about the Lycra fabric everywhere in clothing shops, home décor shops, outerwear shops, etc. this is such a fabric which goes well with many fabrics like cotton, silk, nylon and even wool. The combinations of these various fabrics along with Lycra can weave out a number of clothing and other cloth products for various uses. Let us see the 3 most commonly used this type fabric blends in detail.

Cotton Lycra Fabric

Cotton Lycra fabric is that material which is used in making shrink free shirts and tops. This material being a blend of cotton and Lycra makes an excellent choice for wrinkle free and sturdy shirts. There are other kinds of clothing which is made from this fabric as well. It is low on maintenance and easy to wash. It does not get stains very fast and if it does then can be washed off quickly as well. In all a good fabric for clothes.

Nylon Lycra Fabric

Nylon Lycra fabric is used in making a variety of consumer products. It is used in making table covers, couch covers, bags, handbags and many more products which needs sturdy fabric. The products made with this fabric last very long and have a slight shine to them. The shine makes them more a party wear kinds of clothes which will shine when light falls on them. The fabric is extremely smooth and free flowing. It is light in weight and easy to maintain. The fabric looks classy and chic when worn to night outings.

Wool Lycra Fabric

Wool Lycra fabric is the best solution for suits and coats. It keeps the person warm and looks great. The fabric has stretching qualities and hence suits and coats don’t shrink. The anti shrink quality makes it favorite among suit wearers. The fit and the stiffness that is required in a suit coat comes out perfect with this fabric and hence buying wool fabric from yards and then getting it stitched to your measurements is recommended. It will fit your body structure and make you look even better.

It being a vastly used fabric for making an assortment of clothes and other products, there are hundreds of manufacturers who produce the fabric. You can buy different colors and designs in the fabric by taking a look at the online stores display gallery or visit your nearest cloth merchant to buy your favorite color.

write by Veronica

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