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Handkerchiefs are not only used for hygienic and fashion purposes but also in the performance of magic tricks. Magic tricks involving the use of these square fabric materials have been practiced for centuries already. For the beginners or aspiring magicians, the use of hankies in tricks is one of those tricks that are easily learned.

There are two types of handkerchief materials that are commonly used in performing tricks. These are the linen and silk. The type of hanky that will be used for the presentation will depend on the trick that will be performed.

For tricks that involve making knots, the silk hankies are commonly used for that since they easily slip when making a tie. Other tricks require the use of linen handkerchiefs. Since linen is hard, it makes them suitable material when one wants to show a hypnotized effect on the hanky. Here are some of the examples of tricks that use a hanky as one of the props.

A Standing Hanky

This is the type of magic trick where the stiffness of the hanky determines the success of the presentation. It uses an ironed linen hankie to make it stiffer.

The trick begins with the folded hanky is handed to the magician who will spread it on the table and then pick it up on the centerfold, bringing it upward until it will form into a small tent while waving the other magical hand so that it would appear that the handkerchief stands on its own through the magician’s power.

Color Shifting Hanky

This is one of the magic tricks which may have minimal impact on adult audience but are quite appealing to children. Although it would require a lot of time for the preparation, this is perhaps one trick that is quite simple to learn.

The hanky used for this presentation is usually made from silk since they are light to toss in any direction. The performer uses two silk handkerchiefs of different colors but the performer will only show one of the hankies to the audience. As the shown hanky is tossed up and down, the performer will release the second hanky while hiding the first one which gives the audience the impression that the hanky changes its color.

There are basic rules when doing the different magic tricks with the use of handkerchiefs. First, one needs to be quick when performing the tricks so that spectators will not get any hint on how the tricks were made. Swiftness is the key in any successful magic tricks performance. Second, keep the tricks as discreet as possible to keep the audience guessing on how the tricks are done; otherwise, they will lose interest on the performance. Third, it is necessary to practice so that one should master every magic trick; thus, creating a flawless performance in front of the audience. Lastly, in every performance one should make it a habit to express a feeling of excitement, delight and eagerness towards the audience so that they will enjoy the performance more because of one’s attitude.

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