The Outlook of Fashion Over the Years

The Outlook of Fashion Over the Years

What is Fashion

Fashion is style, image, glamour and good looks. The trends in style is fashion. It makes history with time. It brings about a change in the social norms and values. It is more like an epitome of human development influenced by various rich cultures and civilizations. The basic outline of the dress is the same. The designing styles have changed over the years. There is nothing stereotype in the making of dresses. A mixture of different cultures is seen in the designing of clothes.

The western world has seen a lot of changes with the unrest in the European countries, later the change was followed by the Asian countries also. In India, people were far from fashion conscious. Only people of higher strata of the society, like royals and celebrities could think of fashion. But now, that the transformation of the society is so dramatic and fast that fashion at large has not only changed the outlook of the society, but also changed and influenced the thinking and opinion of every individual.

Throughout the world, fashion has become a statement. The young and old are propagating fashion. It has become a nostalgic affair. Changes in history have changed the colours, texture and prints of a cloth. The apparel is now finer and available in various textures and quality. People of different status could afford to buy them. This change has been brought by the change in technology, which has effected globally.

Role of media in fashion

Media also had a role in changing the people’s loyalty towards fashion. Media has come into play from 1980s. The movies and music industry, have flourished to a great extent. MTV, V channel, and many more TV channels have played a very important role in bringing about a change in teen fashion. Actors and actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross etc, had their influence globally. Accessories like, hats, jackets, veteran hoodies ,gowns, skirts, tights etc worn by the actors were followed. Even the hair styles of the celebrities were put into fashion.

Fashion accessories have influenced every individual. Shoes, bags, sunglasses, watches, wrist bands, etc., has conceptualized fashion. The common man of the street, in every community and society irrespective of norms and values has shown boldness in experimenting with his/her own fashion. Now a days children also show a keen sense of sight in accessorizing themselves. The production of variation of textiles in a short period of time and the change in technology of machinery has influenced fashion in many ways.

Fashion in academics

Fashion has now become a part and parcel of our education system. With ample opportunities on hand students opt to graduate from fashion institutes all over the world. Designing clothes and setting a trend has become an achievement in itself. Options are so wide that after graduating they can choose to either become a fashion designer or work for fashion company as a freelancer in the field he/she specializes in. Pay packages offered to freshers is huge enough to attract them. Students are ready to work hard to establish themselves in the fashion industry. The learners show excitement in learning from famous designers like, Gucci, Valentino, Ritu Kumar, Manish Malhotra, etc. It is a source of boosting the confidence of the freshers.

Impact on the society

The 21st century fashion has become bold and beautiful. It has a very strong impact on the behaviour and personality of the adolescents. Every individual would like to follow the trend at that period of time irrespective of the budget at hand. Using strong and vibrant colors, using accessories to the situation has increased among the students. Fashion is very much in happening whether it is in India or western countries. It will always have the strong impact on all the sections of society and communities at large.

write by williams