The Most Powerful Number Network Marketers Should Know

The Most Powerful Number Network Marketers Should Know

Do you know there’s a secret number to success? It’s the single key to your six figure income. It’s two digits. Focusing on this number will unleash creativity, calm your worried mind, and accelerate your business growth to Mach 5.

Here it is: 220

Not what you expected? What did you expect? It’s a number! If you master this number and the principle behind it, you’ll never have to worry about money again. Seriously.

Most of a network marketer’s time is spent “prospecting.” You know the drill, put your samples into a cooler or handbag and go hunting. Walk around the mall with your spear tip sharpened looking for the next kill. You see a sharp gentleman across the store buying a pair of los angeles clippers t shirt . You sneak over and sidle up next to him, feigning looking at a similar pair. “Those are beautiful los angeles clippers t shirt .” You say. And smile, hoping he responds in kind.

You may be a little better than I was. But I spent countless hours, hundreds probably, doing that same drill. Trying to attack the next sharp guy or gal I could find. Maybe I should say wasted.

I never really got much out of my hunting days. In the end, the majority of my prospects, clients, and sponsorships came from people I developed a genuine relationship with. And my spearing exercise at the mall rarely started meaningful relationships. The good ones almost always came out of just living life.

When you “hunt” for prospects, the desperation drips off of you like a rotting corpse and people respond to you like you are. They don’t want to be targeted. They want to be loved. And if you’re busy looking for your next kill, you’ll always be unattractive and repulsive to those around you. But if you love, serve, and care about them, you’ll be swarmed like a bees to a pot of honey.

That’s where the magic number comes in. 220. You don’t have to work hard forever. All you need to do is develop 220 relationships. Nurture, build and encourage those 220 people and you’ll never earn less than $100,000. I guarantee.

Why 220? It’s very simple. You only have so much “bandwidth.” It’s how much time, energy and focus you have each day. You got kids, interests, activities, business, rest and fun all pulling at your shirtsleeves. You need to maximize you efficiency in business relationships you can live the life you’ve always dreamed.

220 relationships is the key to that. Can you imagine if you stayed in constant, regular communication with your clients and prospects how loyal they would be? What if you were able to just talk on the phone once a month to say “hi,” check on their needs, give a bit of advice? 220 allows you to make just 10 personal touches per day. Only about an hour of “work.” That’s it.

You can literally run your business on that. And you can do it from anywhere! No more scraping the bottom of the barrel, hunting in the streets, desperately charging at unsuspecting civilians.

All you need to do is identify 220 people that you can love on, encourage, and serve with your products and services.

But Rob, that’s a lot of people!

Maybe it is. Do this exercise with me. Imagine if you were to get married in 3 weeks. You’ve got an unlimited budget and a huge ballroom to invite anyone you want. Make the list. Virtually everyone, unless you live under a tree, can make a list of at least 200. Most can hit 300-350.

Go through your cell phone, email contacts, classes, etc. You interact with a LOT of people. You may not even realize how many. These are your 220.

Start with a simple plan to serve them. Not hunt them. Not “get” them. I wasted a lot of time and burnt through too many friendships trying to sponsor friends. They don’t want to get in your thing. But they will join you. If you love on them and show them you care.

The best way to do it is be intentional about the relationship. Start “touching” their life once per month. Encourage. Ask. Relate. Make that monthly phone call with everyone on your list of 220. You may not prospect them the first or the second time. Learn their needs. Discover their dreams. Continue to build the relationship through Life Touches.

Focus on building these 220 relationships and I guarantee you’ll never have to work a day in your life. This is the easiest, most productive way to build your network marketing of home-based business.

I am giving you permission to stop with the endless hours and mind-numbing prospecting. You always hear that relationships are the key to your success. This is what they’re talking about.

write by nelson