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Oh My! What Does This Mean?

This means joining every program that comes along -spending money on sign ups and monthly fees and expecting the thousands of dollars promised and the new BMW and the Great Big House and lounging on the Beach and all of the Dollars falling from the sky or oozing from your computer ~Been There Done That!!

Let me say that yes, there is fantastic money to be made on the internet with home based businesses. Millions have been made and millions are still being made. And you are wondering like I did – ‘when will the big bucks start rolling in for me’? Well, let me tell you that they won’t as long as you stay trapped in the Home Biz Program World and not understanding what it really takes to be successful on the internet.

Let’s review what you and I both have been through and may still be going through……


-$99 an hour just by hand-addressing these special invitations

-Never Been Done Before $28,000 in days not weeks .. Simply returning phone calls.

-Make $7,500 Every Week.

-$450 a Day – Get $3 for every booklet you mail

-$30k in 30 Days -Not MLM -No Explaining – No Selling

-Retire Early- Generate Thousands Weekly.

-Make $5,000 weekly – 100% Automated Business.

-Invest 30 minutes of your time and $50 of your own money and Become a Millionaire in Months!

-“I made $242,940 last year working from home – no selling, no explaining, no answering questions, no prospecting, no rejections”.

-Earn a CEO’s Salary from Your Living Room.


-Free duplicated Website – all with your name and info — Great for your Ego.

-Daily e-mails with glowing accolades about the program.

-Weekly meeting or teleconferences so that you can hear about how successful others in the program (generally your up-line) have been and how much money they are making.

-Giving the illusion that you can be a Royal King or Queen and that your home is a magnificent castle high on a mountain top and you have a shiny new car in the driveway and that you have endless hours to spend with your family— All of This and NO WORK~~ Right!


-You paid x-dollars to join these programs.

-You are paying a monthly fee to stay in these programs.

-You are paying money to advertise these programs.

-Your are still hearing stories from your up-line about how great these programs are and about all the money they are making and all the money ‘you’ can make.

-Your are not making any money and you really don’t know what to do.

-You still have the desire to have a successful home- based business.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s OK you are not alone. So you may wonder now what to do? Well, let me tell you; the first thing that you must do is Focus. I was so frustrated after signing up for a number of programs, I found myself not really being able to promote any of them effectively. So I had to ask myself “what do you really want to do?”. I realized that I had to find one concrete thing that I could focus on and devote the majority of time my energy to. But, I also realized that I did not know what I was doing.

I found out the hard way that the 95% of those really making the big bucks – are really not telling you exactly what they are doing or they are trying to sell you their “so called Secrets” in some type of course or e-book. And yes, I bought in to all of that and still did not know what I was doing.

As it turned out one of the programs that I had signed up for indirectly led me to a Mentor. It was then that I was really able to focus. It was then that I began learning just what to do and how to do it. I was taught the in’s and out’s that the Big Guys use. I was taught the so-called secrets that the Big Guys or so called Gurus do not tell you – even in their e-books and courses. I also learned that there are many programs and businesses that you can join or sign up for free. I also learned that there are hundreds of sites that provide free advertising. I finally figured out what I needed to do.


-Figure out what your interests really are.

-Find a Mentor that really has your best interest at heart.

-Promote yourself – get involved in Social Networks and make yourself known.

-Seek out no cost or low cost opportunities that coincide with your interests (and

believe me there really is something for everyone – and you don’t have to lose your shirt -like I did).

-Get in front of a Trend – find out where people are going and get there first.

-Take advantage of free advertising to promote your program once you have found one that you can really focus on.


I took the advice of my Mentor. I began giving up programs that were draining me every month – $20 here, $47 there -$38 there etc. This adds up believe me; I was paying out all of this money and not making a dime! I began to promote and brand myself through Social Networking. I found a Primary Program that made sense to me, that I joined for free and that I can promote through free advertising. I started Blogging and writing Articles that would help others trying to get started with marketing on the internet. I sought out other no cost or low cost programs that I could introduce to others. I started to Focus.


Like any addiction – the road to recovery is a day-by-day process. Believe me I still get tempted by the flashy headlines with promises of overnight financial success. I still get tempted when I see the big houses and shiny cars — and yes sometimes I even click those links or sign up for more info (really just to see what is going on out there). The difference now is that I have the sense to know “IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE – IT MOSTLY LIKELY IS” ( How many times have we heard that?!)

1. Find a Mentor – My Mentor has been a God-send for me. I will attribute all that I have learned about having a successful internet business to my Mentor.

2. Build your Belief – Once you get your mental state on the right track and you have developed a plan, begin working on your internal belief and motivation. Building your internal belief is a matter of getting your mind to accept that you can thrive in a new home-based business.

3. Stay Focused – Sometimes you may get discouraged or struggle with the feeling that you are going one step forward and two steps back. But remember no matter how discouraged you get, keep doing what you are doing to grow your business.

4. Know Your Business – Know the in’s and out’s of how your business or program works so that you can confidently help those that will be signing up or joining you.

5. Keep An Open Mind – Be grateful for all of your successes and you will pave the way for even more to appear. Don’t moan and groan if things don’t always go the way that they should. Stay Focused, Stay Positive.

6. Let People Know Who You Are – Visibility is crucial. People need to know that you exist. They need to know who you are and where to find you. You could have the best lemonade stand in the world but if no one knows where to find you – you won’t be selling very many cups of lemonade – now will you?

7. Get Serious – Here it is- people have to know that you are serious. If you get all the information that you need but sit back and think that your brand new web site or that one or two free ads will bring you all the business that you want, you are fooling yourself. The more effort you put into reaching customers and letting people know who you are and what you have to offer the more your business will grow.

Perseverance Is The Key – Conrad Hilton said “Successful People keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”

Get in Front of a Trend (Find out where others are going and get there first)

The internet is growing by leaps and bounds. It can be very overwhelming. You must know what you are doing and how to do it. You must have the tools in place to allow you to do. The top earners on the internet have always had these tools and have always used them ~ but many times they present them to newcomers as “Secrets to Internet Marketing” and they charge you ‘big bucks’ to learn the secret.

The current trend is toward dispelling these so called ‘secrets’ and providing an open playing field for all marketers, newbies as well as seasoned. Providing a one-stop shop with ‘all’ the tools needed to market any program, product or service is defiantly the place to be. The right Tools along with Team Work are really the ‘secret ingredients’ to Online Success.

write by victor young

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