The English Laundry Clothing Line Mixes Current Fashion and British Tradition

The English Laundry Clothing Line Mixes Current Fashion and British Tradition

English Laundry Clothing is a prestigious label produced by Christopher Wicks. It includes sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang) lines for men and women, with tops, bottoms, accessories, and dress shirts. English Laundry, as the name divulges, features a particularly British feeling and theme. The clothes are styled according to traditional British attire and often sport designs such as the Union Jack Flag as well as English crests.

Men’s Tops include long sleeve woven shirts, short sleeve woven shirts, short sleeve tees, jackets and blazers, vests, long sleeve tees, sweaters, and hoodies. Current designs for the long sleeve woven shirts include Freddie Dreamer, Saint Cross in blue plaid, and White Lion Hall in black. The short sleeve sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ cầu thang) designs currently include Smart Tee in off white pigment, Lions Crown in light blue pigment, No One Can Take Us in light grey pigment, and Beware of the Dog in off-white pigment. The extra stylish line of jackets and blazers include Henry Normal Blazer, Pop Cult Blazer, and Lincolnshire Military jacket. The line of vests has designs for both dress and casual wear. These include the Metro Vest, Failsworth Vest in tan, and the Yarmouth Vest in black.

The women’s line of English Laundry sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang) is called English Rose and features the sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang) lines of Long Sleeve Woven Shirts, Jackets and Sweaters, and vests. The Long Sleeve Woven Shirts line contains many different patterns to suit different occasions. There is the dressy Luton in black, the cute Lady Barn in either pink or grey, the country-side themed Virginia in Red plaid, the Kearsley in Black, and the Title II in either pink or grey. There are four designs in the jackets & sweaters department which include the sleeveless Heywod Sweater, the Lord Strange belted and embroidered jacket, the Withington Trench Coat Dress, and the Northended Trench Coat Dress. There are also 5 vests featured in the English Rose line of sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang) including the Black Rose Vest and the Burnage Vest.

English Laundry features bottoms for men only as English laundry caters mostly to men, with the women’s English Rose section being a side project. Bottoms include jeans, slacks, and shorts. There are two different designs of jeans to choose from: the crest jeans which, as the name implies, feature an English crest on the pant leg, and the Red Selvege jeans which are navy blue with light blue pockets. There are two types of cargo shorts available as well: the Tameside Cargo Short, and the Peterloo Cargo Short. The Tameside Cargo Short features a traditional style in different colours such as black, brown, and cream. The Peterloo Cargo shorts feature stripes and come only in grey or olive. Slacks include the traditional North Slacker in black Herringbone, and the wide legged, pin striped Hathersage Slack.

Besides sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang), English Laundry proudly offers accessories such as wallets, ties, scarves, and belts which display British images such as the Union Jack, royal crown, and lion crest. You are sure to find what you’re looking for in this dignified line of sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang). English Laundry has brought British sophistication and luxury to the world of fashion.

write by Latifah