Teen Fashion Challenge - Clubbing Clothes

Teen Fashion Challenge - Clubbing Clothes

“Clothes make the man” is a concept you understand instinctively. Clothes are the announcement of who you are, the very first moment you appear. It’s hard as rock to change it. But do you remember to apply this concept to yourself, especially when you think about its effect on the “testosterone gang” at the club?

Putting this concept into dress choices, it explains why people wear large diamonds and a Rolex, or tattoos and do rags, or skin tight skirts with a spaghetti strap blouse, or cowboy boots with rugged looking jeans, or a navy blue suit with a blue tie, button down shirt. You’ve got the picture already. You know each one of those people.

Want to test the theory? Find pictures in magazines that match the descriptions above. Cut them out and paste each on its own, on a sheet of white paper. Then develop a few questions.

  • If your car broke down while driving your sister’s baby to the doctor, whose car would you get into?
  • If you were baby sitting: the ten year old hurt himself and needed to be picked up, carried to your car, whom would you ask?
  • If you were baby sitting and riding on the bus, needing two seats. There were two, one next to tattoos and do-rags and the other next to navy blue suit, you need to split up. Who would sit where?
  • You want to find a cheap place to have a hamburger. Whom do you ask?

Can you change the impression you have given people after they take a look at you? Sure, but it takes a lot of effort if your appearance is extreme.

Once I tried an experiment. I unpinned my hair and let it hang. I put on mismatched torn (lưới an toàn) that was too big. I smudged my face. Then I filled two shopping bags with miscellaneous articles. Now I was set. Off I went on to the tube, (the subway, in London) at about ten o clock in the morning. It was not crowded but there were no seats. No one offered a seat. When the train stopped and people pushed past. I dropped one bag. Out rolled 2 oranges, a ring of keys, a woolly hat. Did any one help pick the things up? No. Not one person helped to retrieve the articles scattered on the floor.

Next day, I went out wearing gray slacks, camel hair jacket, hair pinned up, etc. I tried the same routine. Immediately, I was offered a seat. I got off that train and on to the next. Again I was offered a seat and as I sat down, I allowed my packages to drop. Two people hurried to help. Everything was retrieved in three seconds.

Try it yourself, the same scenario, or create your own.

Now think about going clubbing. You love your clothes and want to show them off. But, you’ve got a lot to think about.

Be honest when you answer. What message do you want to send? Clothes are exactly the same as a written advertisement. The product on offer is you: your face, your body. Here are the two basic messages. There really are no others.

1) This product is not for sale.

2) This product is for sale.

To send message # 1, concentrate on your face. Wear only a little make up. The makeup emphasizes the beauty of your eyes, your skin, your mouth and that’s good. Next, consider your jewelry. The flashier it is, the more the T.G’s love it. That’s bad. Wear either jeans and a top or a dress or a blouse and skirt: not skin tight, no cleavage. Clinging is fine.

Choose colors that accent the beauty of your skin, your face and your hair.

You’ll weed out the testosterone gang and attract your share of the rest. If you don’t, then you are in the wrong club. Dump it.

For message # 2, you wear anything skin tight, leggings, jeans, a top that shows lots of skin or a tight fitting dress showing lots of skin, or a blouse and skirt, again revealing lots of skin. Every single curve you have is visible. Skin plus curves equals message # 2. Add extra large flashy jewelry. Junky is fine. Don’t forget lots of makeup. High heels are a must.

The testosterone gang will swarm. Remember, I told you: no complaints when things go wrong.

(c)2009 R.Graham All rights reserved.

write by Baldric

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