Summer Penile Syndrome: An Itchy Red Penis Situation

Summer Penile Syndrome: An Itchy Red Penis Situation

With hot weather here, it’s time for guys to get outside and enjoy the summer. It also means that some guys may come down with an itchy red penis problem, perhaps despite their best efforts at controlling their penis health in the proper fashion. While sometimes that red penis may be caused by sunburn obtained by frequenting a sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang) optional beach, in other cases it may be what is called Summer Penile Syndrome.

Summer Penile Syndrome

Sometimes called “Lion’s Mane Penis” and scientifically described as seasonal acute hypersensitivity reaction, Summer Penile Syndrome is classified as a pediatric condition; however, there are limited cases of the condition occurring in adolescent and adult males as well.

So what is Summer Penile Syndrome? It typically is marked by a very swollen and very red penis and/or testicles. It also is usually accompanied by an intense need to scratch. Sometimes the condition lasts only for a day or two, but in other cases it may go on for two to three weeks.

What causes this itchy, swollen red penis? In almost all cases, it is caused by being bitten by a chigger on the penis or testicles.


A chigger is a tiny little red bug (sometimes called a red mite or a harvest mite) – usually too small to really be seen without a magnifying glass. They are arachnids, meaning members of the same family as spiders, that have tiny claws that enable them to dip into the skin of a person and really hang on. When they bite, their saliva enters a person’s body and kills skin cells, which the chigger then feeds off of. This causes the redness, swelling and itchiness associated with Summer Penile Syndrome.

Chiggers live outdoors and are all over the woods and fields that people roam through during the summer months. Since people tend to be dressed in shorts and short-sleeved shirts in the summer, the chiggers can easily access the skin they desire. They will crawl on a person until they find an area that seems right to them – thus, it’s easy for a chigger to get on a guy’s leg, crawl onto his penis and bite. And, of course, men who go out into nature unclothed are making their penises a much easier target for a hungry chigger.


As stated, most times Summer Penile Syndrome occurs in young boys rather than in men. It is presumed that something in the maturation process, perhaps the release of testosterone in copious amounts, somehow prevents chigger bites on the penis from developing into an itchy red penis.

However, while adult cases are rare, they do occur. Men who experience an itchy red penis after spending time outdoors should consider that a chigger may be responsible.


The condition often resolves itself after a day or two, but some cases can persist much longer. Consulting a doctor is advised. The doctor will most likely recommend some mild treatment, typically in the form of an antihistamine and cold compresses.

There can be other causes than Summer Penile Syndrome for an itchy red penis, such as dry skin. Regular application of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help deal with many common penis skin issues. Itchiness, redness and flakiness are less likely to occur if the skin is well moisturized, so using a crème that includes a combination of a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E) is suggested. The skin will also be healthier if a crème contains a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid. This helps fight the oxidative stress that can prematurely age and wrinkle penis skin.

write by David Delisi

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