Street Style of 'Black Swan' Star Natalie Portman

Street Style of 'Black Swan' Star Natalie Portman

The highly educated, award’s show darling and petite natural beauty, also known to the public as Natalie Portman, gets dressed to the nines for special events, but when it comes to everyday wear, you will likely catch her in jeans or sweats. Since it was only recently that Portman purchased living space in sunny Los Angeles, most of her street style shots are from her neighborhood in New York and her taste in sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ hòa phát) certainly reflects her often chilly environment.

I Love NY

In shades of chic gray and black and covered head to toe, Portman’s New York style is still pretty classy even when she is dressed down. Often seen in straight leg fitted jeans, not necessarily skinny jeans, the actress typically chooses dark washes on blue, black or gray. For those days when comfort is top priority, she can be seen in relaxed fit, loose boot cut jeans, flare or a looser straight leg with the cuffs rolled up and a pair of sneakers. To dress up any jeans, Portman has been seen in various pea and trench coats with a big, thick scarf wrapped and tied in the front for maximum warmth.

Friends Dress Alike

Similar to the street fashion spotting of Black Swan co-star Mila Kunis, Portman can often be seen in a worn-in t- st louis cardinals new york yankees sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cầu thang)and jeans. In many street shots, she is dressed down in a straight leg jeans with the cuffs rolled all the way into cropped pants for her own version of the boyfriend look. Now in her pregnant state, she has been seen in very relaxed, straight leg, distressed denim with the cuffs rolled up. She likely rolls everything for a look she likes, but also due to her petite stature.

Getting the Look

The top half is easy. Simply raid your closet for your favorite comfortable t-shirts and maybe throw in a pea coat. For the bottom half, opt for fitted yet breathable jeans. In other words, skip the ultra-tight skinny jeans. Cuff the hem up around the ankle and pair with sneakers or flip flops and you have Natalie Portman off-duty street style.

write by Jesse LaSon

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