Some Tips For Supreme Speed Dating Confidence

Some Tips For Supreme Speed Dating Confidence

One of the most fun ways to date, if you don’t have the time to go through the whole normal process is to try speed dating. Never heard of it? Well, speed dating is where a group of singles all get together to try and find a suitable date, the twist being that you only have a few minutes with each person to try and impress them and get their attention. It sounds like a daunting prospect if you have never tried it before, but its actually a lot of fun. You get to meet lots of new people from all walks of life and the best thing is, like you, they are all single and looking for a date. When it comes to speed dating confidence is the name of the game, so here are a few tips to help you gain a competitive edge.

In speed dating, first impressions really do count. I would always advise to dress up rather than down for a speed dating session, but don’t overdo it. I really wouldn’t recommend turning up in a loud Hawaiian philadelphia phillies hoodies and denim cut-offs, or for dinner viking t shirt and bow tie for that matter. Just something simple, casual and maybe even a little understated. At the same time, don’t underestimate the importance of good hygiene, brush your teeth, you want to show off that fantastic smile after all, clean your fingernails and have a shower – in fact everything your mom always made you do.

Next tip for supreme speed dating confidence. Relax, smile and be yourself! I know it sounds clichéd but just be natural. A prospective date will pick up immediately on someone who is very nervous, perhaps tapping their feet constantly or fidgeting, and it will make them uncomfortable as well. With confidence comes the ability to relax, and keep the conversation flowing.

Try and ask open ended questions. This is really great because you can direct the conversation to what the other person finds most interesting. To be honest, its less work for you and they will see you as caring, attentive and interested in them. All big plus points. It also minimises the risk of those uncomfortable gaps in the conversation. If you really take to someone, or hopefully they really fancy you, then exchange e-mails or cell phone numbers at the earliest chance. Don’t be pushy or seem desperate but at the same time don’t be afraid to ask either – after all that’s what you are both there for.

The most important dating confidence booster of them all is to be polite and well mannered. The reason for this is that even the most hostile potential date will soon warm to a polite guy, and you will pick up confidence from this. Its actually very difficult to be nasty to someone who is being nice to you – try it some time.

So, there you go, a few tips to boost your speed dating confidence. Remember it can be nerve wracking but it can be great fun, and ultimately if you really don’t like the other person then you only have to speak to put up with them for a couple of minutes. Have fun!

write by Sigrid

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