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There are many designs out there that do wonderfully well when implemented properly, they make an awesome design. These same ideas however if implemented sloppily or incorrectly can be disastrous and cause embarrassment or confusion not only for an observer but the wearer as well. This can often be seen in two situations, creative slogans and the use of foreign language on a shirt. Pulled off well, it can be a sensation but done wrong can be rather embarrassing. Whenever implementing these types of designs for a casual tee, the apparel company must be sure that the message is easy to understand and won’t cause any problems.

Foreign languages being used on shirts are very popular in the United States as well as various nations across the world. When implemented properly, it can give a very awesome look. When using a foreign language, it can have a more intriguing look which will catch the eye of many people passing by. If this is done improperly however, it can look foolish and insulting (in certain times) to everyone who actually understands the language. This is very common to see when using Chinese characters or Japanese writing systems such as hiragana and katakana. The wearer of the shirt may think it looks interesting but will notice people laughing at them because the interesting design may have a negative meaning causing them great embarrassment. If pulled off properly however, it can be humorous and entertaining for any who look at or wear the shirt. So to make sure the awesome idea becomes an awesome design, make sure the words have a meaning and that if it is a statement, it translates properly.

Creative slogans in the native tongue of the wearer have this issue as well. Sometimes the motto may be very creative, but a tad difficult for people to understand. A simple slogan tends not only to sell better but look better. If the slogan is too long or has too complex a vocabulary, no one will really be able to admire it and worse yet it may even cause confusion for others who may never have heard it before. In this case, designers should consider a more simple idea such as a four word slogan and not a really long motto. Simplicity is never a bad thing.

If the designer does think the shirt can look awesome, just make sure it can be properly implemented to stay true to the design while bringing joy for all who see or wear it. It would be a shame to see a wonderful idea implemented poorly.


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