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How can a guy overcome fear and shyness with women? Is he doomed to be like that for the rest of his life? Coasting through life hoping his dream woman will somehow CHOOSE him? To be honest, many of these men are doomed to be like that forever. Not because they can’t change it. But because they won’t try. Here is how you can become more confident around women easily.

Shyness With Women – How to Overcome Shyness and Fear With Women!

1. Work Out

If you are not working out, I suggest you begin. Seriously, you’ll be amazed at the level of confidence you have when you begin to feel your shirts getting tighter around the arms and chest. If you don’t have time to get a gym membership, I would suggest you invest a couple hundred dollars in getting a bench for your house and work out there. Even a 25 minute work out before you go out will be good enough.

2. Get Into State

You need to get into a talkative state in order to overcome this shyness. This is the largest mistake men make.

They go from a non-talkative state and simply throw themselves into a social situation without any transition. Look, if you’ve been staring at a computer all day, it is going to be very hard it suddenly go into a talkative mode with your friends let alone women.

Before you hit a social venue, make sure you get into state by talking to people. It does not matter who – just as long as you get into the ‘flow’ of holding fun conversations. By the time you hit a club, bar, or lounge, it will be WAY easier to talk with women and have a good time.

Trust me, this is the best thing you can do to overcome your shyness with women.

write by Vincent

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