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If people all over the world would vote for the ultimate sports, basketball would probably be one of the top choices. For decades, basketball has always been the favorite sport of people from all walks of life. The young and the old, the men and the women, chances are everyone has had a close encounter with basketball, be it as player trying to beat the last two minutes, a spectator supporting their chosen team, or a fan yelling the name of their favorite player. If you are a parent, there really is a big chance that your kid is into the ball-and-basket game.

Needless to say, basketball cannot be complete without the proper shoes, and choosing the right basketball shoes is no easy thing, especially for children. How can your kid enjoy the rush of the game, perform well on the court, and feel the joy of it if his shoes keep on falling off? Below are some of the things that you should look for when buying basketball shoes for children:

• Breathable Material. Basketball is a highly-active game and that is a known fact. Once the game starts, sweat would definitely follow, and sweaty feet is not exactly a pleasant thing. Shoes made of breathable material would mitigate sweating, help the feet “breathe”, and of course, prevent smelly feet.

• Enough Height. Good basketball shoes are high enough to avoid ankle injuries, but not too high to cause them. The only way to make sure about the shoes’ height is to have your child wear them.

• Laces. Ditch the Velcro. Laces can give that much-needed extra fit in the event that the shoes are a little bigger than the right size. Just make sure that they are not too long or too short. Laces that are too long tend to get loose when the running is on, and those that are too short are, well, too short it would be hard to tie them up. If you are in doubt, it is always smart to get long laces since you can simply cut them to the right length later on.

• Durability. High-quality basketball shoes should be durable enough to withstand intense play. Regardless of how active your child is in the sports, always choose shoes that can last long and be worth the value of your money.

For first-time buyers, the shoe selection process will be a lot easier if you bring your child with you. That way, you can check right away if the shoes fit nicely or if they are comfortable enough. Also, let your child choose the design. All that careful assessment of the shoes’ quality will be pointless if your kid does not find the shoes stylish enough to be worn.

write by Zi Wu

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