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Seducing your husband can be a chore sometimes, can’t it? Your life is busy and you are often running from sun up to sundown. You know that his life can he hectic and stressful but your day doesn’t really end until your head hits the pillow and you do it every day.

Although you might feel that you need and deserve the attention and to be seduced yourself you can actually make your husband more romantic, attentive and amorous by learning how to seduce him first! Typically, men become much more interested in their wives after implementing some of these small changes in their life and getting him to do the dishes and take out the garbage without being asked is just the beginning. You want foot massages and backrubs and bubble baths and long, slow, deep, passionate kisses leading to hours or pleasure, right? You can have these… and yes, with your own husband, no less!

Often men forget about how important romance is and shortly after getting married many guys feel that the battle is over and they can just kick back now and enjoy their conquest. For most guys the goal is to get the girl. Once they get the girl they aren’t really sure what to do other than live their life.

To draw your husband in and make him more interested in the closeness that is possible in a marriage it is often necessary to use certain seduction techniques to show him what a marriage can really be. Once he gets a taste of how exciting and fulfilling romance with his wife can be you will have a man that wants to please you in every way possible.

Little Things – Write him a short love note on the bathroom mirror in lipstick for him to find. Punctuate it with a swak (sealed with a kiss). You can make your seductive love note as innocent as you want, such as a simple “I love you” or “I miss you already” or a bit racier, such as “I want you right now” or “I love the way you taste”.

Presents – Place a pair of your panties in his briefcase, coat pocket or even in with his lunch with a note attached saying “Oops! I guess I forgot these today!” Although a bit naughty and innocent at the same time it will keep him thinking of you all day and wondering if you really did forget your panties!

Little notes left where he can find them throughout the day or seductive text messages telling him that you are thinking of him and what you want to do to him can add some excitement and help build the seductive tone that will culminate later in the day. It might not seem like much but by frequently having him think of you throughout the day can have a profound impact on your husband…. And better you than one of the girls at work!

Kisses – Most guys are sorely lacking skills in this area. Short of buying him a book you are going to have to teach him or lead him by example. Most guys pick up on this while others can be a little clueless but it comes from their own lack of knowledge of what actually feels good themselves.

Try kissing him on the neck sometime. When you have a few spare minutes and you receive the obligatory peck, place your hand behind his neck and while your mouth is still but an inch or so from his face move along the side of his neck and kiss his neck all the way down to his shoulder. You can also reach this spot if you are standing behind him while he is sitting. Of course, working your hand down his shirt and to his chest where you can run your fingernails will only add to the effect.

While you might think that your husband benefits the most from learning how to seduce him, in the long run you will find that your relationship is stronger and you will wind up getting more than you give. Try these tips to seduce your husband and see the changes in him as he becomes more attentive and romantic as he tries to outdo you in the seduction department.a


write by Enoch