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When the girls are dancing in a show band in Las Vegas, you only think one thing. I want to go there! Listen to the music. Hear the beat. It’s all part of the presence you feel when you’re sitting on the strip.

The lights appeal.

Girls on the strip dance to a different beat. They move with the lights, with the music, and with the beat of the city that never sleeps.

Las Vegas

Golden lights that send the stars back into the universe. The sun never sleeps in Las Vegas.

The food in Las Vegas.

Have you ever eaten on the strip? Even on the side roads there’s nothing like it. They serve massive portions of goodness, dripping with yummy decadence and yum. It’s too wonderful to believe. But you do, because the show bands are swaying and you fall in love. The strip offers more than just show band crazy music. There’s the feel of walking through lights so bright you don’t notice the night.

Then you wonder why they call it sin city?

I lost my heart on the strip. I gave it away.

I’m telling a story here.

First there’s the bourbon, on ice. Always on ice. The glamor of lights. And the glitter that makes everything dance. The music tumbling out of the bar along the strip and then there’s the parking lots. They’re so well-lit, and so big. I mean even the parking lots let you fall in love.

And then you meet Elvis at the Chapel. They said he wasn’t the real thing. But I know Elvis. He had the smooth voice of syrup and molasses. And the moves. In the middle of the message he dipped low and came back up singing Blue Suede Shoes. My girl thought he was the real thing. I’m not going to argue.

Then we had breakfast on the strip.

They served up bacon and eggs, fruit cups, and those long skinny sausages. There were candles. Rose petals.

And the show band appeared on the stage dancing up a storm to a string band. And brass. Have you ever heard five trumpets and a saxophone in the middle? It was like waterfalls in the middle of the mountains. Only it all happened in Vegas. All of it – right there on Nevada Avenue.

Now, I’m not sure. But I’m going to tell this story this way anyhow.

Saint Peter was there, guarding the pearly gates and on the other side – was heaven.


write by bennett