Review of The Michael Kors MK5055 Watch

Review of The Michael Kors MK5055 Watch

I own quite a few stainless steel watches but among them, my favourite is the Michael Kors MK5055 which is essentially a stainless steel watch for women but with golden ceramic overtones. The best part about the Michael Kors MK5055 is the fact that there is no match for it in terms of looks, quality and performance and ever since I bought this watch two years ago, I’ve never faced any problem with it at all. So impressed am I with this watch, that I decided to write a short review on the Michael Kors MK5055 in order to share my experience with other women.

I initially bought this watch because it was from the house of Michael Kors which is one of the most trusted and well-known watch brands in the market for women. Kors is known for its quality watches and this was a very important factor for me while purchasing the MK5055. With this watch, the folks at Michael Kors have truly blended quality and performance into a stunning watch. There’s absolutely no problem with discoloration or weak links thanks to the superb quality on this watch.

This watch is an exquisitely designed gold chronograph watch that is built to get you compliments right from day one thanks to its stunning looks. I’ve worn this to numerous dinner parties and at each and every place; I’ve received compliments from everyone. This watch makes you stand out from the crowd and will make you the center of attraction at every get together or function.

Another reason why I love the Michael Kors MK5055 is because of the fact that it’s a watch for all occasions. It matches all my dresses and looks good with everything. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a simple t- chicago bears hawaiian shirtor a cocktail dress; you’re going to receive compliments galore both ways and that’s why I’m in love with this watch.

And if you think that the Michael Kors MK5055 is going to cost you a fortune, then you’re in for a nice little surprise. It’s a great value for money watch that is affordable for everyone and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. It comes covered with a warranty policy and you can also save yourself some extra bucks if you purchase it online. I personally buy all my stuff from Amazon and so was the case with this watch and in the end I saved myself quite a few dollars thanks to the amazing discounts offered by Amazon.

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