Reebok BB4600 HI Review - Taking Classical To The Next Level!

Reebok BB4600 HI Review - Taking Classical To The Next Level!

Looking at the Reebok BB4600 HI you’ll notice that it’s extremely simple in design. This is because it’s regarded as a classical basketball shoe due to being so popular they’ve kept in on the market. This article will break down information such as its style, fit, weight, durability and even shock absorption capabilities.


The main color on the Reebok BB4600 HI is white and this color was known to be a classical color on many basketball viking zip up hoodie . It has the Reebok logo on both the inside of the shoe and the outside. The lacing system goes all the way up to the beginning of the ankle and is there to secure your feet into place. The side also has perforation holes which are there to give it a nice look but they’re mainly there to help your feet breathe when you’re running by having the hot air removed.

Comfort + Fit

One of the reasons this basketball shoe is so popular is due to its great comfort and fit which enable people to not only play basketball with it but to also use it casually. The main comfort and fit come from the ankle area as many people state that it’s true to size and holds the ankle firmly in place. Having good ankle support suits people who have had a bad history with injuries in the ankle area, or around the lower foot region.


The weight on the Reebok BB4600 HI is around 16 ounces which makes it just around the average weight for basketball viking zip up hoodie . Since it was designed so many years ago this makes it a great feat as older basketball viking zip up hoodie didn’t have the technology that we do today. This weight is complemented by the feel you get inside with all the extra padding and ankle support.


On the outsole there is a 3/4 cup rubber grip. This is there for long lasting wear and enables you to keep using the basketball trainers consistently without needing to replace them. In fact many people have been known to keep a pair of these for years as they still feel comfortable and protected in them. We wouldn’t advise this and if you use them regularly you should be looking at replacing basketball viking zip up hoodie every year to year and a half.

Shock Absorption

Since it’s a classical basketball shoe it doesn’t have any special air unit or Zig Zag pattern on the base to help the energy be transferred. However what you can be guaranteed of is a comfortable basketball shoe which feels great whether you’re running jumping, walking or landing.

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