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Purchasing Ralph Lauren t shirts online can save you tons of money. You know how hard the price mark ups at major department stores effect your wallet. They hit hard and cut deep into the amount of clothing you purchase. Most of us are on constrained budgets and we need to watch the amount of money we spend on our fashions. But, we also want to look good, we do not want to go out to dinner with friends looking like we just stepped out of the gutter.

People who look good command respect and have a confident aura surrounding them. It’s the main reason people in retail sales higher attractive people. It’s a sad statement but nevertheless the truth. Think and Grow Rich by Naploean Hill devotes an entire chapter to this concept. You want to make an avalanche of sales, higher an attractive person.

Men and women alike are both motivated by sex, whether consciously or unconsciously. Every motivation humans have is motivated by sex and the approval of the opposite sex. It’s why you want to find Ralph Lauren T Shirts online. You can look good and save money without sacrificing style. Men want to look great for the opposite sex as do women. The clothes we wear dictate the type of person we are and also displays our social ranking. Be honest with your self, 99% of humans want to attract the opposite sex. We are animals, but our ability to constructively think separates us from the other order of animals.

Sex sells plain and simple. You see it in all walks of life, no matter where your turn, the advertisement focus on sex. Sex is the main motivational factor for humans whether you want to believe it or not. It’s why we spend our money on fashions that make us look desirable. Ask yourself who you would rather date. A hobo or someone who looks good and is appealing to the eye?


write by Jonathan