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How cool it would be to put girls under hypnosis. If you are a real man then the chances are you’ve fantasized about the possibility but have then dismissed it as just that, a fantasy. But what if I said it was not only possible but relatively easy to learn. Sounds a bit more interesting huh?

Firstly you need to understand that hypnosis is a scientifically proven psychological process not some quasi mystical nonsense. It’s not about making girl do something that they don’t want to but more about convincing them that you are a dynamic and charismatic person that they want to be with and listen to.

If you are serious about hypnotizing girls in real world situations then you need to get focused. You should learn all you can about a hypnotic techniques called conversational hypnosis. There are some excellent on-line courses that can help you become a good conversational hypnotist.

However, fundamentally speaking, what are the three steps you need to take in order to effectively put girls under hypnosis?

1. Get the Girls Attention.

Taking your shirt off and flexing your muscles may work well on a beach (if, unlike me, you’ve got the physique for it) but do it in a library and you’ll probably get arrested. Similarly if you annoy someone you will almost certainly get their attention but not because they are impressed.

You need to listen first and observe the girl you are interested in. If you think she is likely to respond well to hypnosis try to get her attention for positive reasons. Try telling a joke, get the door for them or perhaps simply with a smile. Whatever you do the point is that you need to get their undivided attention.

Once they have noticed you the next step is to build rapport. You can use techniques like “mirroring” their body language or “positively reaffirming” what they say. The aim is to convince them you are a person they should both listen too and want to talk with.

Good conversational hypnotists can complete this process in less than a minute.

2. Induce an Open Trance.

Our conscious mind enables us to focus on the tasks we do every day. However our beliefs, knowledge that we base decisions on, attitudes and principles are all part of our subconscious mind. Put simply conversational hypnosis works because it enables you to talk directly to the girls subconscious mind and suggest thoughts to her.

In order to do this you need to induce what is called an “open trance”. This can be done with a simple handshake or a carefully chosen phrase. The point is to make the girl focus her conscious mind upon something you choose. His leaves her subconscious mind is less guarded and you can move to the third, and most exciting step.

3. Make A Suggestion To The Girls Subconscious Mind.

It’s no use suggesting that the girl should take off all her clothes in the middle of a supermarket. Such s suggestion will almost certainly be against her wishes and sense of morality (if it isn’t you don’t need hypnosis anyway). Not only will she think you’re a jerk but the trance you’ve carefully set up will be broken.

If you really want to put girls under hypnosis you need to learn how to make subtle suggestions at the right time. Let me give you an example.

Lets say you use a simple conversational induction by saying “what were you doing just before I saw you?”. This question seems simple enough but it is designed to cause a specific response. The girl has to use more conscious thought than usual to answer this question because she has to recall a memory she hasn’t properly formed yet. We actually form our memories whilst we sleep so she hasn’t had chance to ‘file it’.

In that moment you can make a suggestion to her subconscious. Add something like “it’s good to meet like this” and you will be telling her subconscious that meeting you is a good thing. Because she is concentrating on answering your first question she probably won’t even notice your suggestion but the information will have been received and she will find herself warming to you.

write by Joshua Olin

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