Popular Bachelor Party Destinations

Popular Bachelor Party Destinations

It is becoming increasingly popular for groups of guys to get together and travel for a friend’s bachelor party. Face it. Travelling is relatively cheap compared to what it used to cost. It’s not a big deal for a few guys to grab a plane and meet somewhere. This is good news for places that cater to bachelor party travelers. Here are a few of the more popular destinations in North America.

Las Vegas is an obvious destination for bachelor parties. Guys love the allure of neon lights, drinking, gambling and the liberal adult entertainment policies that Nevada provides. You can see a world class show and ride some insane rides at the Stratosphere theme park. These are some of the most insane rides in the world. Single guys can visit the Bunny Ranch or one of the many red light district type of clubs that are around Las Vegas.

New Orleans Louisiana is another popular destination for bachelor parties. If you look for them you will see groups of guys celebrating a bachelor party and groups of girls celebrating bachelorette parties up and down Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street has a bunch of adult clubs up and down it. The girls stand outside and taunt you to try to get you to come in. If you’re not into that kind of thing, you can always enjoy the top notch music and party atmosphere. Get the groom drunk. Paint weird things on his chest and back. Then make him walk up and down Bourbon Street without his los angeles clippers t shirt on. You can buy some stogies and beer from street vendors. This place looks like it was designed for stag parties.

Miami Beach and South Beach are popular Florida destinations for bachelor parties. Guys from up north can go south to soak up some sun and check out the local bikini scenery. Grab a football, a Frisbee and a case of beer. You’re ready for the beach. Bury the groom in the sand and take turns bouncing volleyballs off his head. It is stupid, yet undeniably fun.

“I’ll take another cocktail please”. That is what you’ll be saying when you and the guys are hanging out at the beach bar in Cancun Mexico. Between the weak economy and the swine flu, it has become ridiculously cheap to vacation in Cancun and other parts of Mexico. If you have a bachelor party coming up pretty soon, you can still get really cheap vacation packages that are all inclusive. That means drinks too. You guys could hang out and get blasted ocean side. Sounds like fun to me.

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