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You love to play Sudoku. Now you have five popular ways to satisfy your addiction and give your brain a workout. They include printed puzzles, electronic hand held games, computer games, online games and board games.

Printed Puzzles

Printed puzzles were the first method of distributing Sudoku puzzles. Dell magazine was the first to publish these puzzles in their puzzle magazine under the name of Number Place. Wayne Gould, a retired Hong Kong judge, introduced his puzzles to The Times, a British newspaper. Today newspapers across the world publish a printed Sudoku puzzle daily.

The popular puzzle has spread to numerous books. The next time you go to a doctor, take along a book of Sudoku puzzles. Play Sudoku to kill time and boredom while waiting for the ever late doctor. Some books can fit into a shirt pocket or in a purse.

Printable Sudoku puzzles are available from many websites. Just download a puzzle or an eBook and begin solving.

Electronic Hand held Sudoku Games

Now you can play Sudoku on a hand held electronic game. While costing a bit more than a printed book, you get what you pay for. Cheap games are available for about $25. One cheap game called “Do You Sudoku?” requires you to transcribe a game manually to an erasable grid.

The better Sudoku games like Excalibur cost between $50 and $70. Electronic touch screens make it a delight to play Sudoku by just touching the screen with a stylus. Take one of these along to your next doctor visit and you may not hear your name called.

Computer Games

To play Sudoku on your home computer is a popular way to solve this puzzle. Popular games include Sudoku Dragon, Sudoku Works, Pappocom Sudoku, and Simple Sudoku to name a few.

Most PC computer games have nearly a limitless number of Sudoku puzzles. They come in 4×4, 6×6, 9×9, and larger grid sizes. Children to adults will find a puzzle from easy to fiendish to fit their skill levels.

Online Sudoku Games

Play Sudoku online and you have access to several popular websites. Sudoku Savant is an increasingly popular online game found on several websites. Unlike many online games this one allows you to auto populate cells with candidates in order to help you solve the puzzle using candidate elimination techniques.

Sudoku Board Games

A Sudoku board game gives you the opportunity to play with family members. Board games can be the erasable type like “SuDoku The Board Game” or a high quality heirloom like a wooden board game. Some wooden board games will even allow you to enter small tiles for candidates.

As you can see there are five ways for you to play Sudoku. Instead of wasting time waiting for your ever late doctor, why not bring along a Sudoku game and exercise your brain. A book of puzzles, a hand held Sudoku game, or a PC game on your laptop will keep you busy for a long time.

write by Agatha

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