Ooh Arghh Me Hearties - How to Throw a Pirate Party

Ooh Arghh Me Hearties - How to Throw a Pirate Party

In my opinion there is nothing more fun on this earth than a good party! Whether it’s a house party, a party in a hall, or an occasion for a ball gown you can always guarantee fun (and perhaps even a little mayhem?)

I personally love parties even more when they are themed. Fancy dress is a great occasion where you can dress up and make yourself look totally ridiculous and not feel completely silly (the beauty of a fancy dress party is that there will be a whole host of people looking and feeling just as silly as you!) Out of all the themes you can choose from my favourite has got to be pirates! (Who doesn’t love pirates?!) There are so many ways you can ensure your pirate partyis the best anyone’s ever had (and if they don’t enjoy it you can always make them walk the plank!…Hoho!)

The first thing you need to think about is invitations…You can have a lot of fun with these and make them as ‘piratey’ as you like! You can purchase ready made pirate style postcard invitations or why not make your own personalised ones? This is so easy to do with the right materials and will really add some pizzazz to your party (before it’s even begun!) Even something as simple as pirate stickers can add a great themed feel to your plain invites!

The next thing to think about is decorations. Perhaps you can even have a colour scheme for the entire party? (Red, blue and white gives a very nautical feel! And black and red is very pirate-like!) Before you look at anything pirate like why not have a look at some other nautical themed decorations? For example a boat wheel, boats, anchors, mermaid plinths and even a bit of sea weed will make you feel like you are at sea for real!

There are so many brilliant decorations you can choose to make your pirate party go off with a bang! It is the simple little touches that make all the difference! You can choose from a pirate happy birthday banner (or whatever the occasion may be) or a simple, but very effective, pirate flag banner.

How about a pirate table cloth? You can find some brilliant ones that are covered with pictures of skull and cross bones and red and white stripes and to add an even nicer touch you can purchase a mini treasure chest centre piece. A large pirate treasure chest in general will add a great subtle touch to your pirate party! You can even fill it with goodies such as chocolate, gold coins or even jewellery!

No party – pirate or otherwise – should ever be without balloons no matter how old you get! You can buy some great black and white pirate balloons that will look fantastic as part of your themed party. Or how about some that simply go along with the colour scheme of the evening?

Scattering gold coins all round the house or venue will add a nice little touch to the party and can even be part of a treasure hunt game! Speaking of games and entertainment another great idea for your party is to have a bit of face painting, inflatable swords and pirate themed pis (choose from a treasure chest, parrot or pirate pi!)

After decorations you need to think about food items. You can choose your very own pirate style plastic cups, plates, napkins, and plastic bowls. Then you can really have fun cooking up some great pirate themed treats! (Be sure to make them as gory as possible!!)

Next you need to find a fabulous pirate outfit for yourself! This is incredibly easy to do all you need is some cut off jeans, a white shirt, a bandanna, an eye patch and some boots (don’t forget your inflatable sword!)

And finally…You should always ensure everyone has something to take home with them! Why not purchase some really great pirate party bags and fill them with all sorts of pirate goodies such as chocolate-gold coins, notebooks, stickers, sweeties, balloons and maybe even their very own inflatable sword?

The pirate madness doesn’t end there…You can even purchase some great pirate thank you notes for all the wonderful presents your guests may have bought you…your guests could even use them to thank you for your amazing pirate party!

write by Eulalia

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