Michael Joseph Jackson - His Chaldean Numbers Reveal a True Master

Michael Joseph Jackson - His Chaldean Numbers Reveal a True Master

Like everyone else, I was shocked out of my los angeles dodgers t shirt when I heard that Michael had died…in fact, I had come home early that day (not a usual event) and turned on the television in mid-afternoon (also not a usual event)…so I saw the whole thing unfold on CNN.

I had often used Michael’s chart in my writings as examples of the various Chaldean Master numbers since he held so many in his name…in fact, all of his individual names total to Master numbers. I am going to present this information as a tribute of sorts to him, to his talent, his humanity, his ‘otherwordliness’, his brilliance and his great love for the people of this world. He brought joy and dance and good vibrations to so many millions that will be sorely missed.

We have truly lost a Master, in more ways than one.

All of Michael’s names are Master Numbers, which I must explain a bit first. These numbers are double digits, as in 11, 22, 33, 44, 55 and so on. These energies vibrate at a higher level than the norm: 11 is a higher vibration of 1, 22 is a higher vibration of 2 and 11, 33 is a higher vibration of 3, 11, and 22 and so on. It is extraordinarily rare to encounter a 44 or 55…never mind all of them in one name!! What this means is that his essence was indeed, ‘otherworldy’: he was on a different platform than most. That is just a simple vibrational fact. No matter how one changes or re-arranges his name, he always comes out a Master.

Michael was born Michael Joseph Jackson on August 29, 1958.

Michael’s middle name (where his soul’s desire resided) and his day of birth (29/11), or Lifepath, are both Master Number 11s, the meaning of which is the Master Thinker or Visionary. This energy, especially when repeated, gives the holder an incredible imagination, intuitive or even psychic inspiration, potent creativity and the potential of being stupendously talented and artistic to the point of creating masterpieces: this is someone who thinks or images in an unusual or unique way. As a person, the 11 is often very warm and genuine, although there can also be a sense of mystery around them…the 11 lives in a world not all of us can share. In Michael’s case, his inner desire, as indicated by the middle name, was to dream big dreams and to see them as real — even if only in his own mind — but the 11 influence as his path in life lead him to realize those dreams: handling and dealing with the stark reality of those dreams made manifest was also part of his lifepath.

The name Michael and Jackson both total separately to the Master number 22, which is an intense energy source that is called the Master Architect or Builder — the 22 can take the visionary images and dreams of the psychic 11 and bring them into the physical Earth plane: in other words, the 22 is capable of making the visions real. To have two of these energies in one name is beyond powerful: it is simply illustrative of the reach and growth and success that Michael created, built, experienced and shared with his beloved fans. The Master 22 as a person is a focused, determined and exacting hard worker — this energy will do whatever work is required to ‘build’ what they ‘see’, yet often remains humble and unobtrusive.

The energy he presented to the world as Michael Jackson vibrates to a Master number 44, which reflects what Michael’s soul really wanted to do while here: this energy is known as the Master Healer and could be seen as the ‘therapist to the masses’…this is a person who, ideally, would like to right all the wrongs within the human race and heal the ills that poison the spirit body of mankind as a whole. The 44 is a foundational energy, therefore, it is able to reach thousands, if not millions of people through words, medicine, actions…the list is limitless but the goal is the same. A natural conclusion here would seem to indicate someone who wished to heal the world through the tools available to him: his music and song.

The complete and unadulterated energy vibration that is held in his entire name, Michael Joseph Jackson, is a rarely found Master number 55. This one makes a statement about Michael’s overall purpose and possible karmic connection and it is one of Justice and Fairness. Since 5 is the number of change, among other things, and also of fame, this energy would likely experience plenty of both…but the form it would take may involve intoxicating highs and crushing lows…another who holds this energy is Queen Elizabeth and I would say her life contains plenty of both as well. Michael’s total name energy suggests that he desired fairness and justice for everyone: the scope of Master Justice is vast: it is not about the self.

There are obviously negative aspects to all numbers and particularly to the Master numbers, but I chose not to address those in this article — I wanted to only focus on the positive and to also point out the eerie accuracy of the Chaldean system.

Michael was truly a gift to us and an enigma we will likely never solve. But that is part of his legacy and what will keep him alive, along with his music, forever.

Rest in peace, Master J.

write by Drake