Laundry In 3rd World Countries

Laundry In 3rd World Countries

We all know the great felling of picking up a clean, fresh, good smelling egypt shirt from the closet. We hate it when we find a spot and we get mad every time our kids coming home after a few hours of “playing”, more like “acting pigs” with all this mud on them.

Laundry is such an ancient term. It’s a chore every mother knows and accepts. I don’t want you to think I’m Chauvinist or something because I’m not. That’s a simple fact- women used to do the laundry in the past and I won’t be surprised if someone will make a survey and find out that even today laundry is the task of the woman in the house.

In the past, laundry used to be done by hand. Hand washing was daily task. Yes, it means taking the dirty clothes, a tub, soap and a brush- and you know the rest. That’s an awful thing to do daily; I can’t even imagine how hard it was for them do. Then, after they washed the clothes and made them pretty much clean, they needed to dry them up, and there was no dryer you know… squeezing the clothes and hanging them on a wire was the next step. Now the rest of the job is left for mama nature- the wind and the sun will do the rest.

Now days, hand washing is something we don’t do. We have our washing machines and dryers. The simple soap became a sophisticated detergent and we don’t need to wait for the clothes too much. Rainy day? No problem- we have the dryer! Mama nature have no part in the process.

While that’s the way western countries do their laundry in the 21st sentry, some 3rd world countries still don’t know what a washing machine is or why we don’t have to wait for the clothes to dry, and even if they do, they have no money to buy such machines, even if it will make their life so much easier. They have to it old school, just like I described, simply hand washing. Kids in Africa, India, South Asia and other third world countries are used to laundry themselves, as sometimes their mother can’t do it all by herself. This is a very tiring process and they could use even one washing machine per 100 people, they won’t complain, believe me.

So, next time you buy a washing machine or saying you are “tired of it”, think about what you read in this article, smile and be grateful for what you have.

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