In Faith You Could Say To The Mulberry Tree, Be Uprooted And Planted In The Sea - It Will Follow You

In Faith You Could Say To The Mulberry Tree, Be Uprooted And Planted In The Sea - It Will Follow You

Here we go round the mulberry bush

the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush

Here we go round the mulberry bush

so early in the morning!

Ooh wee!

What a wonderful childhood jingle!

Being able to hear the English and Irish

voices in the words brings me back

to the early days when fairy tales

and innocent smiles were transported

across the pond to the East Coast

where European traditions were deeply

imprinted upon the magical American land

And can’t you see it?

Pleated skirts, bobby socks and saddle denver broncos hawaiian shirt

White shirts, plaid ties, glasses and braces

for the boys

Prancing in a jig,

hand in hand

Pony and pig tails for the little girls

And ah!

Can’t you see it?

The sweetness in their sighs

Life was a ball game

A place to learn the language

Time to sing and dance

And yes it was the best!

Preparation for what would come

in the future

A luscious lollipop…

for everything that would come ahead

Experience was wrapped in bubble gum

And each day a new opportunity

to make a new friend

Life was about sharing

A simple box of crayons

Match box motor cars and a Barbie doll

for the girls

And in the late afternoon

you could do your homework

before you went out to play

A baseball bat, a football

and a hockey stick

And you could even go swimming

or ride your bike to the park

Those were the good old days

when worries were little,

scraped knees were common

and childish crushes had just begun

Cartoons were awesome!

Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam

Mickey Mouse, Popeye and Olive Oil

And Christmas was the season of the year!

Yuletide greetings

Good friends and good will

toward your fellow man

Life was easy then

Follow the Golden Rule

and you would be rewarded

At Easter mounds of chocolate candy

mysterious hunts

and brand new suits

And oh! how pretty and handsome

we all were

In the morning we would grab

a quick bowl of cereal with milk,

a sandwich for lunch and a luscious

meal for dinner

And nothing could beat Mom’s cooking

Whatever she made

came straight from the heart

And on Sunday’s of course it was time for church

fidgeting through the homily

Waiting for the final handshake

to signal the time for the final getaway

A time to put on your sneakers

to get up and walk away

write by Enda

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