Ideas For Bump Photography

Ideas For Bump Photography

If you are currently pregnant, you probably feel a lot like time is rushing past and you want to remember these precious moments before your baby arrives. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the beautiful examples of bump, or maternity, photography out there. If you want to try to recreate some of those images on your own (with the help of a tripod and a camera with a timer, or with the help of your partner), we’ve put together a brief guide and few ideas for you to use as inspiration.

Before you start, take the time to prepare. If you want professional looking photographs, you want to make it as easy as possible for the camera to take a good picture by itself, with no need for touching up or any other messing about with photo editing software. So why not use this as an excuse for some pampering?! A trip to the hairdressers for a restyle, or even just a blow dry, can make you look good from the inside out. Then take some time to apply your make up. It is best to stick with natural tones and allow your pregnancy glow to shine through, but if your hormones have run riot with your skin, anything you can do to even out your skin tone will help the camera ignore the blemishes!

Once you are ready, try to find a clean backdrop. A plainly painted wall if possible, or just hang a white sheet behind you and let it drape across the floor. Then decide if you want to actually get your bump out. Some women prefer to leave it covered, but you always have the option of using some sheer fabric to cover yourself enough for comfort while also showing off your bump.

As for poses, the world is your oyster! Shots that show your bump next to a pair of tiny baby booties are adorable, and if you know whether you are having a girl or a boy, you could drape a little newborn outfit across yourself, or hold it above your belly. Another commonly seen shot is of the mother holding her hands in a heart shape on top of the bump, and if you can get your partner in the shot, their hands underneath yours shows the love your baby has waiting for it.

If you don’t want to do the traditional semi-naked shot of you covering your breasts with one arm and cradling your bump with the other, you can get some similar shots by wearing an over-sized white button up deer hunting t shirt with only the buttons across your chest done up.

For those of you who already have other children, and can convince your other children to pose, a shot of the future big brother or sister kissing or touching your bump is always a winning image. Whatever shots you take try to have fun… this is only bump photography; this is time to celebrate your growing baby and your growing family.

write by Jesus CruzGarcia

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