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Die cut machines can lead to many great projects, and the best thing is, they’re really easy to use. Recently my maid of honor used her die cut machine to make adorable bird-themed cards for my bridal shower (thank you again, Kristin!) It took her a while to assemble them (sorry again), but everyone who RSVP’d loved them!

Even if you’re not an avid card maker, there’s plenty of fun to be had with die cut machines. Embellish a lampshade for your bedroom, fashion a fabric flower headband or make a hang-up decoration to add some life to the living room.

There are nearly endless possibilities, but here are a few ideas to get you started:


When I think of these machines, scrapbooking is one of the first things that comes to my mind. If you’ve ever put together a scrapbook, you know how much time and effort it takes to create just one page. When I made my first scrapbook for my boyfriend, I cut out every piece by hand. Had I owned a die cut machine, I’m sure I would have saved a few days worth of time – and my pieces wouldn’t have been so crooked. Such machines have tons of different shapes and letter cut outs. To start your scrapbook page, all you have to do is decide the theme of the page and find the font and shapes from the die cut machine that you want to use. Paper and color choice is up to you, but the perfectly cut shapes and letters make every page look professional and clean – even if you’re a beginner.


For any holiday, party or event, there’s a shape that will help you build a professional looking card. Really all you need to make a basic card is a die cut machine, card stock and some glue. For a more festive card, glue buttons or ribbon bows on top of the die cuts. Feeling fancy? Throw in some glitter, too! Making your own cards really lets you have complete creative control.

Home Decor/Center Pieces

These machines are also great for making lasting works of art for your home. Have pieces of die cuts left over from another project? Take your favorites and arrange them in a frame that matches your house. This project framed seven owl cuts in different colors to create a cute wall hanging. In addition to wall hangings, you can also create great centerpieces using die cuts. Make ten or more fabric flowers using die cuts and place them in your favorite vase. With no need for water or worrying about wilting, fabric flowers make a beautiful decoration that will last as long as you want!

Embellish Everything!

Since many machines are strong enough to cut tougher materials like fabric and leather, you can use their shapes to spruce up almost anything. Just finished sewing a beautiful blouse, but feel like something’s missing? Take some flower die cuts and sew them together to create a ruffle effect. Layer different colored dies and sew them onto a plain apron to give it more pizazz. From a wedding dress to a lamp shade, it’s easy to give every day items a little more spunk!

Before you go out and buy your machine, remember that they’re not all the same. Do some research before you make your purchase to determine which machine and accessories are best for you. Happy crafting!

write by Drake

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