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Is it a fact that you haven’t a single clue as to how to tease your man? Many women find themselves in a quandary where being a flirt or tease is concerned! These tips will help you to tease your man in such a way that he will become crazy for you.

Use chic clothing

It is a known fact that the right type of clothing can drive a man crazy with desire. Wear clothes that accentuate your plus points and make you look sexy and desirable. Don’t let your man see you in shapeless and dowdy clothes that act like a wet blanket. Instead let him have a good look at your assets – it works every time!

Use lingerie

Are you the type of woman who is used to curling up in your old shorts and tee shirt? Have you been covering up that luscious body in shapeless clothes? Well it is time to change. Tease your man senseless by wearing sexy lingerie. Buy yourself gorgeous teddies, stockings and garter belts that will leave nothing to his imagination!

Use the right words

Learn how to tease your man by using the right words. Use a low sexy tone and whisper these words in his ear. If you do this in public, he will be turned on immediately.

Use the magic of massages

Nothing works better than a sensuous massage. Not only will you be able to ease away the tensions and stress of the day, but you will excite and turn on your man within moments! Be considerate, tender and loving and you will not fail to arouse your man.

Don’t give in too easily

This is a manner of playing hard to get. You can tease your man by refusing to give in too easily or reveal too much! He is obviously going to want more from you. The more you make him chase you the more he will lust after you. So be a little distant and don’t let him catch you too soon.

A teasing reminder

You can plan to tease your man through out the day by leaving the lingering scent of the perfume you use. Traces of this perfume on your sheets, his clothes and even in his briefcase will make him remember you and leave him in a state of excitement through out the day.

Leave him love notes

These work in the same way as the perfume. Hide little love notes those are explicit and tell him how much you love and want him in his brief case. He will love reading them and want to get back to you as early as possible.

write by Mackenzie St Germain

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