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Stimulating a guy’s imagination begins with one thing: his senses. When a man senses his woman, he loses control of the reins of his imagination, and it runs loose. Here are some tips on how to work the imagination and tease all of his senses.

1. Sense of Sight

Men are visually turned on by a woman’s body. One thing a woman can do to work her man’s imagination is to wear clothes that accentuate her figure without revealing too much. Sometimes, the less skin revealed, the sexier the woman becomes. Leaving something for the imagination will surely tease his sense of sight, and make him wonder more.

2. Sense of Smell

Scents are effective triggers of thoughts and feelings. Using perfumes and other products that have subtle but lingering smells will undoubtedly mess with his brain a little and leave him wondering. Perhaps one can get a little naughty and dab some of her perfume under his shirt collar or on his tie. This way he can smell it all day.

3. Sense of Hearing

The most common advice given to entice a man’s imagination is to talk dirty. This, however, is not always effective. Talking sexy but subtly can do the job better. Instead of being too forward, one can use sexual undertones and innuendos, and let her man do the math. This would be more stimulating for his imagination because he can fill in the blanks and think as much as he wants.

4. Sense of Taste

Men go crazy over the taste of a woman’s lips, so why not make it a bit more interesting for them? Experiment with differently flavored lipsticks or gloss to add to the experience. Another path down the sense of taste route is to take him on a culinary journey. Make him taste a meal that will explode his taste buds.

5. Sense of Touch

Giving him gentle touches from time to time is a fail-safe approach to getting his imagination worked up. Treating his thigh to slow, trailing caresses, or playing footsie with him during dinner is a guaranteed way to send his imagination into overload. One can also initiate his touching of her by placing his hand on her thigh or cuddling close to him in a public place.

6. Sense of Mind

There is no turn-on as effective as intelligence and courage. Being able to keep up an intelligent conversation with a guy assures him that there is more to this woman than her appearance. Confidence is also something most men consider sexy. A woman’s sense of humor is also a great imagination stimulant, because each funny memory would make him want to spend more time with her.

7. Sense of Restraint

The secret to working the imagination and teasing all his senses is, of course, some restraint. In order to keep him interested, one must vary her tactics and also know when to stop teasing.

write by Louisa

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