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Long sleeve polo shirts are a very practical item, they look good and you can use them almost anywhere. This is a big part of why they are so popular. If you need a dress shirt you can use long sleeve polo shirts for that. If you want something casual you can wear the same shirt. That being said not all long shirts are appropriate for all uses. You will want to make sure that you get one that is suitable for what you intend to use it for.

One of the great advantages of a long sleeve over a short sleeve one is that you can wear it in more situations. It is generally not a good idea to show up at a function that requires you to be dressed up wearing a short sleeve shirt. A long sleeve polo shirt however is acceptable in most situations since it looks dressy but it can still be used to give you a casual look. This is the reason why they are much more popular than short sleeves.

A lot of people like to wear long sleeve polo shirts when the weather starts to turn cool. They are a great way to stay warm. Long sleeved are generally heavy enough that on cool fall days you can go outside comfortably with just one on. However this is based on you getting the right kind of polo shirt for this. Sports knit shirts are usually quite light and will probably not keep you very warm. A cotton shirt will be the warmest option. Unfortunately it is also the least practical since it needs to be ironed.

The fact that not all shirts are appropriate for all uses means that you are going to have to put some thought into its intended use if you want to make sure that you get right one. If you are buying a shirt primarily for dressy events then you really can’t go wrong with a silk blend long sleeve polo shirt. They look like an ironed shirt so they are great for giving you that dressy look. However they aren’t great choices for casual activities, especially if you are going to be really active. For this you will do much better with a sport knit shirt.

A lot of companies have recognized the value of long sleeve polo shirts for promoting their business. They can be made with your company logo on them for a very reasonable price and then given out to your employees and your clients. They can wear them and promote your company for you. Obviously for this to work you are going to have to give people shirts that they will actually wear. This is why long sleeve polo shirts are so often used for this. You can put a small discreet logo on them and still have a shirt that looks good and that people will actually wear around town.


write by carl burris