How To Overcome Negative Thoughts And Emotions

How To Overcome Negative Thoughts And Emotions

So far we have prepared the soil, chosen which seed to sow (goal); sown the seed. What there is left to do is to nurture the seed to make sure it comes out of the ground successfully. And when it’s out, we have to guard the young plant in its environment to make sure its life is not snuffed out before it reaches a stage where we can proudly reap its delicious fruits.

To start with, the seed will have its own preliminary hurdles to surmount, such as making its way around stones in the soil and so on. When it manages to show its head as a seedling, you need to be careful its growth is not thwarted by weeds, slugs and other pests.

I guess you can see where I am going with this. It’s plausible to liken the pests and weed to the wide range of negative thoughts and feelings you have to make a conscious effort to control after the Prayer Ritual.

Thoughts and feelings are realities, and will attract similar circumstances and people into your life. Negative thoughts and feelings you know will attract adverse circumstances and people who will hinder you from attaining the goal you have set.

If you are going be able to hem in these sources of negative vibrational frequencies you need to understand how they are interconnected.

A thought creates feeling of a similar nature. This thought and feeling will dictate the action you take. A repetition of this thought and feeling will result in repeated action which will amount to a habit. If the original thought was negative, this habit would be negative. The negative habit, as is to be expected, will engender unwanted circumstances or results in your life. The negative results will then generate related negative belief. The latter will spawn a negative thought. If appropriate steps are not taken to arrest the dysfunction, this negative cycle will become the order of the day. The following diagram should illustrate this exposition:

You have a set a ‘goal amount’ that is about twice your current salary. You have been inspired to go for another job in Public Relations that will pay you a salary a little over your ‘goal amount’. You are shortlisted and have been called in for an interview. In the morning as you enthusiastically stand in front of the mirror dressing up, an inner dialogue ensues. A voice inside your head begins to engage you a nasty banter.

“Wow look at the size of your head”, it says. Before you could answer back it adds,

“and it’s not just a big head but it is bald and grey.” You manage to answer back with something like, “My head is not big.”

This inner voice won’t shut up, and it goes on to say: “Ah pareto ratio! Your nose is 4 times as big as that of everyone else, and this is supposed to be a PR interview; looks matter!” You do your best to silence this inner voice, to no avail. It is almost winning the battle as you are beginning to get dispirited. Does this pattern of negative inner- talk sound familiar? Almost everybody is a victim of it. That’s where doubt, worry, anxiety and a lot of stress stem from.

You get so worked up if you could physically pull out that voice you would give it a whack on the side of the head and ask it to zip it! You could be as mean to it as this guy was to his parrot.

The guy bought a talking parrot and took him home. The parrot talked and talked. The problem was he swore all the time. It was embarrassing. The man tried everything: he begged him and he threatened him. Nothing worked.

Finally he decided that extraordinary measures would be required. He warned the parrot that he was going to put him in the freezer if he didn’t shut up its beak. The bird kept swearing, so he grabbed him by the neck, chucked him in the freezer, and then slammed the door.

After one hour, he opened the freezer door to find an almost frozen parrot. The man asked, “Now are you going to stop swearing?”

Horrified by the experience, the parrot said, “Yes, I’ll never swear again.” Then motioning toward the freezer, he asked, “But one question: What the hell did that chicken do?”

In attempt to overcome negative thoughts, a lot of people tend to oppose the negative thought mentally by using words like ‘not’, ‘don’t’ and so on. As I mentioned in an earlier lesson, the subconscious mind does not register words such as ‘don’t, and ‘not’. This sort of opposition tactic aggravates the situation.

A very effective technique that is used to overcome negative thoughts and feelings is to repeat a positive affirmation that makes the negative thought false and powerless. Let’s look at some examples. To a negative thought such as: “I am too tired to do this work”. You could say something like: “When I start this work, and my attention is absorbed, it will become increasingly easier”. Or even a simple sentence such as “I am strong and able” repeated a few times, will dispel the negative thought.

In fact the shorter the positive affirmation, the better. Single positive words can be very powerful. Just repeating words such as peace, joy or love to yourself can do the trick. Another technique that can be very reliable in ousting negative thoughts and feelings is a genuine broad smile. A few of them can change your entire mood for the better and your thoughts will follow suit.

Sometimes it helps to use your logical mind to really convince yourself that the negative thoughts are baseless and false. This sort of deliberation will help you to generate the most potent positive affirmation. For example, if you catch yourself thinking: “This financial goal is too high, I can’t achieve it.” Look around and attempt to figure out the number of people who have achieved what you are aiming at. You can then come up with an affirmation like: “Many people have achieved this. I am able; yes I can!” Focus your every attention on the positive affirmation and intone it several times, and the negative thought and its associated feeling will vanish into thin air.

When things get really bad, and you are struggling to come up with a positive affirmation to ward of the negative, there is another technique. It is what I personally term the technique of ‘Less Is More’. The concept is in sync with a proverb from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana that literally translates: “If you are wearing rags, you don’t play fight”. Think about it. If your detroit tigers modern viking sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cửa sổ is already falling apart on you, and someone grabs it, you would intuitively stand still, and just hope that person will be merciful enough to let go of it. Most of the time he would. If you try to move whilst your detroit tigers modern viking sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cửa sổ is being held, you would end up with a bare torso!

Just stay as calm as you can and watch your negative thought as it comes and goes. Do not get emotionally attached to them. You achieve this by psychologically detaching yourself from the passing thoughts. Become an observer and just watch them pass, with the belief that they are just fleeting thoughts. And they would be. It works as if the negative thoughts become discouraged because they know they are not having the intended impact on you. They vanish a lot sooner than they had purposed to stay. In these periods of observation, you can also spot your most nagging negative thoughts, and create some positive affirmations in advance to dispel them next time they show up.

I can’t bring this discussion to a close without sharing a method that has worked for me without fail. It’s very simple. Delve into your life and look for the slightest thing you can be thankful for. And begin to wholeheartedly thank the Universe, God, the Great Spirit and so on for it. Show sincere gratitude for the good in your life. Trust me, negative thoughts and emotions hate this practice with passion. They will flee without bidding you farewell.

Anxiety is a canker that will push your goal very far from you. Be on the lookout for it, when your goal appears delayed. Sometimes you would be that close to your goal; don’t let anxiety set in. Anxiety can be likened to a rat that keeps digging around the seed you sowed to figure out when it would produce fruits. It really would stunt the development of the seed (your goal).

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