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Knowing how to massage the clitoris is an excellent skill to have up your sleeves for pleasuring women. Watching your woman groaning in pleasure while you gently massage one of the most sensitive spots on her body will not only arouse you in a unique way but will also help you in holding on to that erection for a bit longer. While most couples do stroke the clitoris for foreplay, many women who are unhappy in bed with their men have claimed that this very sensitive part of her body is not being given the attention it deserves. So if you really want to give your lady a night that she is sure to remember, consider giving her clitoris a prolonged massage and be richly rewarded for the effort.

Apart from the traditional way of making love, massaging the clitoris is a great way to be intimate with your partner. Also, if your wife is pregnant and the usual missionary position is becoming uncomfortable for the two of you, massaging her clitoris will not only get her off but will also get her ready for your penetration, which in her condition is best done from the back using the doggy position.

Of course, in order to be able to massage your partner’s clitoris, you need to be able to locate this part on her body. The best and only way to go about this is to be comfortable enough with each other to go exploring. Make sure that you have a lot of time on your hands, all possibilities of distractions have been eliminated and that you two are in the right mood for a long night of intense pleasure. The massage may be done with the lights on or off, but be sure that the lady is comfortable with your choice so that she can focus on her pleasure all the way.

Have your partner lie on her back either naked or wearing a comfortable shirt without any underwear on. You can either sit or kneel by her side or between her legs while facing her, or she can sit between your legs with the two of you facing the same direction. Relax and let your hands do the talking, knowing how to massage the clitoris is not very difficult just as long as you set your focus on her and her alone.

Start locating her clitoris by touching her vagina starting from the outer folds or the labia to the inner folds. Remember to start with a gentle touch, avoid applying pressure unless you can clearly see that she wants you to. The key here is to be attentive and responsive to her cues, forget yourself for a bit and let her sighs and moans guide you. Caress, do not poke. Just inside the labia, in between two soft muscles is her clitoris which is usually small, soft and wet, depending on the level of her arousal. In some rare cases, the clitoris may be hard to find, in which case you can ask your woman to locate it for you.

Once you have located her clitoris, have your partner stroke it so that she can show you exactly how she likes it. While she does this, you may want to put your hand over hers, but let her take the reign and guide you to her most sensitive parts. Pay close attention to how she touches herself, watch her reactions and focus on her pleasure, for surely, your woman is your best teacher in knowing how to massage the clitoris.

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