How to Make Your Own Super Halloween Costumes

How to Make Your Own Super Halloween Costumes

Are you having trouble coming up with some new ideas for Halloween this year? Not able to afford an expensive store costume? There are some alternatives to buying from Wal-Mart or another expensive store. Homemade!

Here are a few ideas for you to consider for a great Halloween costume this year:

Nerd: My son in law did this and it didn’t cost him but a few dollars. He put on a pair of slacks, pulled up to his waist with a belt, tucked a pocket chicago white sox hawaiian shirt in and added a pencil, slicked his hair back with some of that greasy looking stuff you can buy over the counter (cheaper yet to use some oil, it will come out somehow) and found a pair of reading glasses. He found everything he needed at a thrift shop. Price: under $5.

Do you have all those rolls of gauze left over form when someone got hurt or sprained their arm or leg. You can take them and wrap yourself up and be a mummy! If you don’t have enough gauze maybe some of your friends and family members have them or use some rolls of toilet paper for a really ripped effect!

How about Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame? You can make a hump out of cardboard or foam, tape it to your back and put on an oversized coat, some straggly old clothes and muss up your hair (use hairspray to hold) and keep putting your hand up to your ear and mumble “eh”

This one is too funny! How about a cereal killer? Take a bunch of little cereal boxes, attach to a shirt, then cut slices in the boxes, put in plastic knives with a bit of red blood.

Remember the Rubik’s cube? You can be one too. Just get a cardboard box and about 5 different colors of construction paper. Wear black top and tights, glue or tape the construction paper to each side and wear that box. You are now a cube!

Simple and affordable costumes can be had by our imagination. What can you come up with?

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