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Having noticeable man boobs is a serious problem for many men. It often comes with severe cases of humiliation and embarrassment. ‘How to lose man boobs’ is a quest many of these men are on.

Yet, many do achieve success…getting rid of their problem forever.

This article will set you on the right path to know how to lose man boobs. To be successful one needs to understand one important fact:

Man boobs are simply a result of a build-up of excessive chest fat and to get rid of this fat all you need to do is lose weight.

While women tend to grow fat on their hips and waist, men will grow fat on their chest and stomach areas. And like all fat problems the simple answer is to lose it!

3 Steps for How to Lose Man Boobs and the Humiliation and Embarrassment Associated With It


Set up some kind of regular, daily exercise regime. The main focus of this exercise program should be on aerobic exercises such as running, swimming etc. The goal is to increase your metabolism rate which converts your fat into energy. You could also include some weight training.


Eat properly. Your diet needs to be balanced and healthy. This is pretty important because what you eat is the cause of the fat in the first place!

A balanced diet includes having the right proportions of fat, protein and carbohydrates in what you eat. This means you also need to watch the calorie count because if your calorie intake is greater than your calorie use, you will gain fat.


This final step is critical if you want to look good once you have gotten rid of your man boobs. Many don’t work on this any where near enough.

You need to work on tightening the loose skin on the chest area once you start to see some measure of reduction in chest fat. To do this you can try some incline bench presses which increases and tightens pectoral muscles. Any exercise aimed at increasing the muscle mass in the area will be helpful.

So there you have it…exercise, diet and directed muscle building is the best and the quickest way I know of regarding ‘how to lose man boobs?’

Imagine being able to take your shirt off in public without any feeling of embarrassment or being humiliated by others because of your man boobs. Take it from me, your life will change forever!

Remember it is important that you remain determined and persistent to achieve permanent success.

One final tip. You might be wondering that’s all great and such, but where do I start? Diets, exercises….this is all new to me!

write by Veronica

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