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If there is anything more important in reaching a goal than to stay motivated, I’d like to know what it is.

If getting rid of man boobs is something you truly want, figuring out how to keep yourself motivated is the number one thing you need to worry about. I’ll tell you the best way but let me explain why it really does matter.

Why Motivation Matters

Getting rid of man boobs will require a focus on eating and exercising on a day-to-day basis for an extended period of time. You won’t necessary feel like working out every day or trading a salad for a cheeseburger, but it gets a whole lot easier when you remind yourself why you are doing this. That is motivation.

And by the way, motivation is not that “Ra Ra!” crap where I tell you that you are a special flower and that if you just think positive that all things come true (although I’m sure you are a very special flower!). Motivation is the understanding of the purpose of your current action in relation to your goals. No wait, let’s simplify that even more:

Motivation is knowing why you are doing something.

It’s why you can pass on the cream and sugar in your coffee. It’s how you say no to those delicious (and very sugary) home-made cookies your co-worker always brings in. It’s why you can get out of bed a little bit earlier than normal to exercise.

How To Keep Yourself Motivated (To Get Rid of Man Boobs)

So you get it. Keeping yourself motivated is important, but how do I recommend going about it?

Especially in the case for getting rid of man boobs, I find that measuring your bust size (with tailor tape) once a week does the trick. If you really want to get fancy you can throw in weighing yourself and measuring your arms and stomach as well. These are all good barometers of progress.

So why does such a simple measurement help keep you motivated for getting rid of man boobs?

Well for starters, most guys who start some sort of diet and exercise regimen actually have a lot of progress but end up quitting. Their only way to measure how they are doing is to take off their shirts and see if their man boobs have disappeared yet. Obviously, man boobs go away centimeters at a time, not overnight. So you actually can see progress when you “measure” your progress versus “eyeballing” your progress.

The whole point of this article is to find what motivates you to get rid of man boobs. If the measuring works then great, but find what works for you and do it.

write by Vivian

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