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As Americans get fatter and fatter the increased cases of man of man boobs is of a growing concern. It is estimated the number of men suffering gynecological is nearing a half million. Gynecomastia is the medical term for male breasts. It is the enlargement of fatty or glandular tissue in the chest. No wonder why how to get rid of man boobs has become such a hot topic.

How to get rid of man boobs has even become a mini fitness niche. With new products seemingly appearing every other week. Compression shirts are now available that are made to keep the chest flatter. Not only can you find books there are now herbal pills being sold promising to lose man boobs in a few short months. Does this stuff work? Well its hard to say many men could learn how to get rid of man boobs by just learning how to eat and exercise correctly. While other may need the extra motivation that these products can inspire. My belief is these products serve there place yet with out a solid nutrition and exercise knowledge all the products in the world will not be able to help.

Nutrition is a main key in not only losing man boobs but also living a healthy lifestyle. No one says you have eat like a popper and starve yourself, but you must eat healthy nutritious foods. Pick foods that are rich in color they are most likely to have the most vitamins and minerals. You should also begin counting calories the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. The breakdown of calories are there is nine calories in a gram of fat, four calories in a gram of protein, and four calories in a gram of protein. A healthy diet should consist of forty percent carbohydrates, forty percent protein, and twenty percent fat.

Cardiovascular exercise should be performed three times a week for a minimum thirty minutes at a time. Here is a list cardiovascular exercise that does not take any fancy equipment or a gym membership.

– walking

– jogging

– running

– dancing

– cleaning


write by bailey