How to Get Rid of Back Acne - Use Prevention

How to Get Rid of Back Acne - Use Prevention

Back acne, also called “bacne”  can be just as frustrating and humiliating  as face acne. Summer time comes or you want to go to the gym, but you can’t go shirtless,  like guys like to do, or wear low back T’s,  like the ones gals like to wear.  Forget bathing suits! That is out of the question! People who have body acne tend to wear long sleeves and button up shirts.  Looks odd in the summer time but bacne isn’t something a person want to show off!  It just look plain ugly

Acne commonly occurs on the back, and there are a few likely reasons.  The skin of the back has far more pores per scar inch then another part of the body; The back tend to be neglected in its care;   It is not as easy to give the back TLC like the face; The back takes more abuse with tight sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ hòa phát) and synthetic cloth, back packs and over the shoulder bags.

So knowing that, the severity of the bacne can be minimized. How to get rid of back acne is a matter of prevention.

  • Be sure to shower after exercising.  Sweat combined with the plugged oil in the pores absolutely make acne worse. 
  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and drink lots of water.  Nutrition and hydration is the best prevention for body acne.
  • Avoid stress if at all possible.  Stress releases hormones that will again, make the acne worse.
  • Wear loose fitting sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ hòa phát) of natural fiber.   Change your clothes frequently using freshly laundered items.  Bacteria that makes acne worse is notorious for harboring in dirty sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ hòa phát).
  •  Stay clear of backpacks and over the shoulder bags.and the gear we use can aggravate acne of the body. Backpacks and the straps of handbags rub on skin causing further irritation to acne. 
  • Wash the  back, if not shower twice a day.  Use a mild soap or a soap made for acne control.  The back can also take rougher treatment in terms of exfoliation.  Use a loofa, or back brush, or shower scrubby at least twice a week.

Mild body acne often responds to good daily skin care,  over-the-counter treatments, or home remedies. Generally over-the-counter medication all have the same active ingredients with a little variation.  The can come it a variety of applications and strength,  so you can pick and choose what ever think may work best. Home remedies also work remarkably well.  Many such as honey mixed with cinnamon, garlic oil or toothpaste are time honored remedies. It doesn’t hurt to experiment.  If the over-the counter creams don’t work, then try a home remedy.

Unfortunately, back acne is prone to becoming cystic and developing scars.  If this is the situation and the acne is unresponsive to general treatment, then it is advisable to see a dermatologist.  Sometimes bacne just needs a little extra punch to get the healing process rolling. Usually doctors will recommend a single course of antibiotics as a treatment for how to get rid of back acne.

Summer is coming, so pull out your summer clothes and don’t be afraid to wear them with pride.  You have the means to treat your back acne.  It isn’t complicated or difficult.  Just give it a try and show off your back.

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