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One huge problem lots of guys make when it comes to how to get laid with 9s and 10s is that they jump at the first sign of interest. The girl is extremely hot and when she shows that she likes you, you start bouncing up and down and going crazy. The result is that you give up all of your power the girl.

There are lots of things that could be signs of interest. She might say she likes your shirt. She might ask you to buy her a drink. Or, they could be more obvious like some body language flirting. Whatever you do, don’t start rushing to get her phone number and get her out of there. Take it slow and relaxed.

Show Her You Understand

It’s important for you to show her that you understand what it’s like to be a hot girl. If you jump at her signals too early, this means you don’t get it. You’re not as cool as she thought you were. You may even be desperate. You’ve fallen for the hot girl just like every other guy she’s ever met in her life.

When she shows a sign of interest in you, she wants it to be normal, like it’s not a huge deal for you. If you jump at the first sign of interest, you show her that she’s making a mistake.

Give It A Test Run

What you should do is to test it. For example, a girl once asked me to tongue her teeth. She wanted to see if I wanted to make out with her. I jumped all over that and then afterwards she laughed and said she had a boyfriend. I got baited.

More recently, a girl asked me if I was a good kisser. I told her that maybe I was and she’d have to wait to find out later. I ended up going home with her that night because I had a little bit of patience.

Touching And Teasing

Lots of hot girls will try to control the interaction by touching you. As they get more out of control, they use this touching to reassert themselves. A great way to handle this is to increase the physical distance a little. Don’t say anything or show any overt indication; just move away a little. This tells her that you’re not too eager to get with her.

Learning how to get laid with 9s and 10s isn’t too hard, but you’ve got to learn to stop showing how blown away you are that she’s talking to you.

write by Orla

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