How Long Is the Black Man Going To Be An Economic Slave?

How Long Is the Black Man Going To Be An Economic Slave?

Johannesburg, South Africa is the heart of Africa which has the tallest building in Africa, the Carlton Centre. Just outside the city there is a market owned by Indians. Few streets from it there is another big market owned by Chinese. When you drive around the city or the suburbs you find that the Portuguese and other groups own the businesses. If it like that in the heart, how about the rest of the continent? Travel around Southern Africa you will find in every village and town most of the business are owned by the Indians and Chinese. There is no market owned by black people where products are made in Africa. When FIFA 2010 WORLD CUP was hosted here the only product that was made here was the DANCE. Everything was made in China. The vuvusela that made a lot of noise was an idea of a man from the local township. Outside companies saw a business opportunity, stole the idea and made millions. Blacks only consume others produce, and produce nothing that others could consume. The Black race is a slave, an economic slave.

Some of the ideas were stolen from us, but Now is the 21st century, what do we do now? African women pride themselves in being beautiful. The body lotion, lipstick, deodorant and the underwear they use are all imported. When you travel in most of the big cities of this continent 90% of black women’s hair look like Indian’ s hair, they put hair extensions which are mostly imported from Korea and China. Africa has lots of diamond and gold, yet the jewelery the women and sometimes men wear, though the raw materials are from Africa, the final product is produced in Europe, Japan, Korea, China and even Russia and sent to us at high prices.

Africans are considered the most loyal to brands. Companies discount Africans when it comes to advertising campaign because “Blacks will always buy our products, whether we market to them or not” They say, we are considered afterthoughts or fulfill certain quotas. Maybe you are Black or you have a Black friend, be honest what is the brand of the st louis cardinals zip up hoodie you are wearing now or your friend is wearing? A Carvella? The t- st louis cardinals new york mets sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công)Nike, or Guess jeans…you name them… They are all made in China, and the store you are buying them from, who is selling them? Chinese or Indian or who? Are they wearing that brand name? NO. You will never find them wearing st louis cardinals zip up hoodie rather cheap R15 sandals, why, because they understand the economics. Black illusion of success is even translated to the kind of drinks we drink. Africans drink a lot of Heineken. It is the symbol of success. On the other hand Heineken doesn’t consider Blacks as a market they should go after. The cars we drive the BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda are made by others. They say that 46% of these expensive cars are bought by Africans. In Nigeria three out of every five cars are Mercedes-Benz.

Africans love music so much you would have anticipated that they would control the production of all products pertaining to music. Yes we can sing and dance. That is just about it. It has been shown that Black people spend more money on purchasing musical equipment than other group, but do we produce any of these products? The answer is NO. Do we even have a factory owned by a Black person where these musical products are assembled No. Indians, Chinese, Portuguese are like a web, they eat and use every thing made by their own. They use Spider Web Doctrine in the communities they stay in. Their doctor, pharmacy, restaurant and clothes are services from their own people. In the cities or maybe where there is a lot of us have you seen that? These people come from far to give us these services in our own yards. Where are the Black banks, Insurances, stores that caters to blacks? Go to the USA today and go to Black communities and look at who is servicing those communities there.The East Indians also came as immigrants into the USA, and in the 1980s they entered the corporate America, today in New York city they have companies like the Hudson Group, that is occupying the best real estate in places like Grand Central Station, Ports Authority, the World Trade Centre. Together with their Pakistani cousins are controlling the yellow taxicab business with $billions in revenue. They went to the USA without nothing but today they are big. Because they use Spider Web Doctrines.

In the world Africans are the most educated group, meaning more educated than the Japanese, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Indians, or even the Europeans. It means we possess more degrees (B.A, BSc. or Bachelors whatever) and subsequent degrees than other group. But the question is what has our being the most educated group done for us or for our people. Nothing. Meaning there is a difference between being Educated and Intelligent.With us being so educated, today the world have many millionaires than in any lifetime because of the internet. But just now go into the list of top internet millionaires and count how many black millionaires are there.We are born in the second largest continent, meaning there is lot of us, out there. Why don’t we make half of the list?

Maybe you are reading this in Africa, Australia, UK, or USA, and you are black. Take a moment and look at everything around you. Do you have an iPhone, a bed, what? A car? Just show me something that is made by your own. For how long are we going to be spectators while others produce. Do you know if tomorrow we can say as Africans, we are not buying or using anything that is not made by our own people. Just imagine, when you have to use products invented in Africa! Go to the shower, open the tap, the companies that generate water, and everything that you use to prepare yourself are made by other groups except your own. Life will stop, because there is nothing made by your own. The business of the world will stop. I am telling you, it is fact. Educated or not. We are the world’s economy. When they make products they target us. They even don’t care on marketing them to us because they know we are still going to buy. We as Black people lack understanding of economic history or business technique. How can we be happy while we depend on others for everything we need.We shall not survive a day if we have to use our own products in a city, even in a village we won’t because technology is used in the farms.

Today as we speak Barack Obama is the first black president in the USA. Maybe the political freedom we are getting it, but my brother or sister until we get the economic freedom we shall never be free. What are you doing with your Phd, BSC? Hanging them on the wall, blame and complain about your government for lack of jobs.. Wake up!

We shall never be like our forefathers never ever. Thabo Mbeki and other African leaders are saying let us as Africans have our own economy. Maybe you are sitting right now at university somewhere, you are age is between 20 and 25 you dream to work for a company after you graduate. NO. Let us stop the slavery mentality. Let us support each other, and do it for ourselves.The Chinese and Indians make sure that no cent goes out of their communities. Nigerian brothers are tying even sometimes there is a black cloud around them, let us support them if the business is legal. And at least by the year 2020 would have a first car made in Africa, by young people who shall say enough is enough we want to use products made by us.

write by Ahmed Alatari