Guys, Dress For Your Build

Guys, Dress For Your Build

The three basic shapes of men are:

Inverted Triangle: This shaped man has broad shoulders, well-defined chest, a trim waist and narrow hips. To dress this shape, keep lines clean and sharp. Most suits will work for your and you can get away with wearing double-breasted suits. A pinstripe suite, with a plain crisp st louis cardinals philadelphia phillies st louis cardinals sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang)will do the trick to show of your magnificent physique. Avoid bulky fabrics and remember to keep the cut clean and simple! For casual wear, show your wide shoulders and slim hips by wearing close fitting instead of baggy style clothes. Wear fitted trousers and shaped jackets in linen and denim but no chunky knit jerseys and oversized t-shirts. Famous man: Brian Habana.

Rectangle: If you have straight shoulders, straight torso with a flat stomach and bottom you have a rectangular shape. You can pretty much wear any kind of suit as long as it fits your body well and are not too big or straight a cut. Slightly shaped at the waist will add to your overall silhouette. Famous man: Tiger Woods

Rounded: You wear extra weight around your tummy area, have a flat upper chest and shoulders are slightly rounded. Best way to balance your proportions would be to wear softer tailored suits and loose-fit shirts. No hard lines or too close fitting tailored jackets. Choose your fabric carefully. Flannel, Wool/Lycra mix, wool and cashmere are most suited. Avoid horizontal striped ties. Famous man: Danny De Vito (short version)

Now lets have a look at body proportions to determine whether you should tuck in your casual shirts and t-shirts.

If you have a short body and long legs, lower the appearance of your waistline by:

o Wearing your shirts and t-shirts not tucked into trousers

o Wear turn-ups on trousers

o Wear tops that are one colour

o Wear casual jackets on the hipbone

If you have a long body and short legs, heighten the appearance of your waistline by:

o Tucking in your shirts and t-shirts

o Wear shorter hemlines if not tucked in

o Wear tops that are lighter or brighter than your trousers

o Wearing suits will also balance your proportions

o Avoid long jackets

And there you have it – the well-balanced and proportioned man! (Is this an oxymoron??) Kindly written for Hair Scope by Anneline Black.

write by patel