Guide to Getting Rid of Porridge Stains on the Carpet

Guide to Getting Rid of Porridge Stains on the Carpet

Porridge may be well known because of the children’s fairy tale but it is also really popular because of its taste and flavor. For those who may not know what porridge is, it is a dish which is made up of boiled cereal, milk, and water along with some added flavorings.

Porridge is a healthy and delicious dish which countless people enjoy. It is especially good to eat when you are feeling under the weather as its warm goodness can help fill up your tummy and make you feel better.

One thing that you need to watch out for though is accidentally spilling the porridge that you are eating on your carpet. This is really problematic since it will cause an ugly stain that will render your carpet unsightly and unappealing. To find out how you can fix this mess, read the helpful guide below to find out how you can solve this carpet cleaning problem.

• Scoop up the spilled porridge on your carpet using a clean spoon or a dull knife. Do this right away so that you can prevent the mess from spreading on your carpet. Continue performing this until all of the excess porridge is removed.

• Get a glass of water and then dilute the stained area of the new york yankees houston astros cheaters shirt using it. This is going to help make the stain easier to remove and prevent it from setting right away. Use a paper towel to blot the area a few times so that you can remove some of the stain from the carpet.

• Use a combination of one part non-bleach detergent and four parts warm water to create a cleaning agent that will help neutralize the stain. The detergent will be very helpful in breaking down the stain so that it can be removed easily. Place this inside and empty container and bring it with you to where you accidentally spilled the porridge.

• Pour a small amount of the cleaning solution you have produced on the stained area of the carpet. Afterwards, use a clean white cloth or paper towel to blot the area repeatedly. As you continue doing this you will notice that the stain will become lighter and lighter until soon it will be completely removed.

• Flush any residue out of your carpet by using a glass of water on the area you cleaned. Then, get a wet/dry vac or a clean rag to dry everything completely before using it once more.

write by Eugene