Get Real Fishing Results - 8 Tips To Get Lucky

Get Real Fishing Results - 8 Tips To Get Lucky

If you want to do some serious fishing and get great results, then like everything else in life, it’s all about your preparation.

Here are 8 tips to send you on your lucky way.

1)Do Some Reading

Read a decent book to help get you started on the right foot.There are plenty of good books out there and by spending a few hours reading one that has been specially written for the type of fishing you are interested in, will probably save you hundreds of dollars.

So often people just rush in and buy what they think they need only to be disappointed when their end result does not meet with their expectations. They then give up, never knowing what they are missing.

2) Free Advice

Talk to other fishermen or women and hear what they have to say about the local conditions, the fish they are currently catching and also how the weather affects their results. Fishermen love to talk about their experiences and because they love to share, give great advice. If they can show you their catch, and it’s a great one, then you should listen to their free advice.

3) Always Be Ready

When you set off for your days’ outing, be prepared. Make sure you have your tackle sorted because imagine after a long drive you arrive at this great fishing hole, only to discover you have left your fishing reel behind. Try to make sure that your fishing tackle is always well stocked and ready to go at short notice.

4) Study Your Surroundings

Paying close attention and studying your environment will definitely help you catch more fish. If the fish are big use bigger bait or lures. Smaller fish will tend to leave your bigger lure or bait alone letting you concentrate on landing the big one.

By studying the water you may discover the hide out from where the big bass are catching their prey. If it is trout you are after look out for fast moving water or eddies.

There are many other things to look out for and the more you fish and gain experience, the more successful you will become. The beauty about fishing is that you are dealing with nature and therefore will never know it all. Every time you go fishing you will learn something new.

5) Fishing Etiquette

Stealth is the name of the game. You have to be as quiet as you possibly can and do everything in slow lazy movements. It’s a known fact that fish are spooked very easily by loud sounds and sudden agitation. Disturbing the fish and other fishermen near you by talking loudly or the noisy clattering of tackle is not only bad manners, but also poor fishing etiquette. Like all other sports there are unspoken rules to follow which will enhance everyone’s fishing experience.

6) Weather Forecast

Before you leave, get an update on the weather forecast for your fishing area and then dress accordingly. If you are dressed in board shorts and (lưới an toàn) viking shirt and the weather suddenly turns foul, you the will spend most of your time trying to look for shelter to keep warm and not much fishing will be done. No one knows when the next fish will strike, so you have to be ready when it does or it’s bye bye fish.

7) Baits

Whether you are using artificial or live bait try to use something similar as to what the fish you are stalking are feeding on. By trying to imitate the actions of the bait fish with your lure that your prey is feeding on, you will have more success. Your fishing results will tally to zero if the fish are feeding on the surface and you bait is lying on the bottom.

8) Relax

When you are relaxed and enjoying your time on the water you will become more in tune with your surroundings. It will help you to stay on top of your game by being mentally aware of what’s happening around you and that will naturally mean more fish in the cooler.

Practice, Practice (bonus point)

So to get the result you are hoping for, practice your knots, learn about plugs and flies, keep your tackle in great shape and study the fish you are hunting.

write by Gregory

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