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Kreepsville 666 is the gruesome way to rejuvenate your wardrobe and take on the zombiefied looks, through some of the most horrific psychobilly wears around. You can mix and match the horror clothing with creepers and drapes, their clothing includes the likes of t-shirts, horror punk hoodies and Kreepsville are infamous for their gruesome hair accessories.

If you have the flair for the living dead and the ghoulish girls, not to mention the monster lovers, take on the cute and the evil which are embodied by the spooky accessories and clothes which have a distinctive attitude of their own. The items which are available at our Gothic store include:

Bloody cleaver hair bands Skeleton hair slides Cupcake belt buckles along with skirts Zombie shirts for girls

The unique aspect of the Kreepsville 666 clothes is that they carry a horrifyingly twisted sense of humor. These clothes bring you both screams and laughs and the high point of these clothes is that no one is indifferent to the clothes and they can even spook your mum.

Perhaps you want to go for the gruesome style and land yourself a suck on the first date tee or maybe not? This is why there is Kreepsville clothing in abundance.

The frightening part of the Kreepsville 666 horror clothing is enough to make your wardrobe make strange noises at night with the help of the departed spirits. These rocking punk accessories are available in many choices for the zombie lifestyle straight from the Kreepsville crypt of horrors.

For a large amount of people, Gothic fashion is considered evil and morbid as it is featured with hair dyed black, long black coats and dark fingernails and eyeliner.

Kreepsville is actually in direct protest against the extravagance of the 1980s. Their punk clothing is a way of expressing your dark sides and feelings and feature zombies, monsters, skeletons, eyeballs, skirts and werewolves accessorized with all kinds of gruesome ideas.

write by Alma

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